5 Pumpkins to Plant Now

Now that Halloween is behind us, this is a perfect time to gather ideas and seeds (if, that is, you can resist roasting and eating them) to plant in your own pumpkin patch next year. Purchase your favorite pumpkins and harvest the seeds for spring planting. Or, for varieties you can’t find close to home, consider sourcing seeds online (we’ve shared sources here). Here are five favorite pumpkin picks; some shine as carvers, some as bakers, but they are all fall decorating keepers.

Have a pumpkin or squash variety you covet?

Photographs by Janet Hall except where noted.

Above: Ghostly white Lumina Pumpkins are great for carving, painting (they have very smooth skin), and baking. The easy-to-grow Pumpkins average 8-to-10 inches in diameter and weigh 10-to-12 pounds. Botanical Interests Lumina White Pumpkin Seeds are $3.49 for a 3 gram packet. Image via Making Lemonade.

Above: The unusally striking Blue Jarrahdale Pumpkin has a flat, ribbed shape and a slate blue-grey color. Not the sweetest tasting squash, it is long lasting as a keeper. They average 6 to 10 pounds. A packet of from 20-35 Heirloom Blue Jarrahdale Pumpkin Seeds is $2.50 thorugh Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Above: For a classic Jack-o-lantern shape great for carving, there are several varieties to consider including Connecticut Field Pumpkins, an heirloom variety that grows to 15-to-20 pounds. Considered to be one of the oldest field pumpkins in existence in North America, Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seeds are $1.99 for a packet of 22 from Sustainable Seed Company.

Above: The Fairy Tale Pumpkin is a favorite, conjuring up images of mice and glass slippers. A large variety that averages 12-to-18 inches wide, the Fairy Tale Pumpkin is great for decor and baking. A 3-gram packet of Fairy Tale Pumpkins Seeds is $3.05 at the Territorial Seed Company.

Above: The unusual shapes and colors of Autumn Wing Gourds add a ghoulish note. A jar of 15 Autumn Wing Gourd Seeds is $5.00 at Homestead Seeds.

For more decor inspiration for next October, see Halloween Decor, The Evolution.


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