5 Safe, Non-Toxic Winter Cleaners

By the Care2 Staff.

As the days get longer in the northern hemisphere, and the sun begins to stream in the windows, all the dust shows itself in stark clarity and we tend to clean. But winter cleaning provides its own challenge, which is to be careful not to dirty the air with toxic cleaners with the windows closed. Solvent-based products such as furniture polish, soot cleaners, oven cleaner, synthetically scented cleaning products of any sort, and, ironically, air fresheners, are all culprits that can pollute your home.

Here are five safe and non-toxic winter cleaning staples, including a light and lemony dusting cloth:

Alternative Furniture Cleaning Polish

Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner

Air Fresheners

Light and Lemony Dusting Cloth

Washing Soda All-Purpose Cleaner (and soot cleaner)


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