5 Simple Ways to Keep an Orchid Alive & Thriving

Is there a secret to keeping orchids alive? Michelle, editor of Gardenista, rounded up some beginners’ tips, proving that it may not be as complicated as many think.

Above: Above: There are more than 3,000 species of orchids; to maximize your chances of success, narrow your choice. Eliminate finicky species and instead grow an orchid that falls into the category of easy going. A potted Purple Dendrobium Orchid, for instance, is tolerant of the low light frequently found in offices; it’s $79 from White Flower Farm. Photograph by Sftrajan via Flickr.

Above: Make sure your orchid has enough light. Other types of orchids that will tolerate low indoor lighting are oncidiums, phalaenopsis, and paphiopedilums. A potted Love in Bloom Phalaenopsis is $59 from Viva Terra. Photograph by Lalallallala via Flickr.

Above: In the wild, orchids grow attached to other plants. They are not designed to grow in potting soil; please don’t try to force them. Instead, plant them in a nice loose bark they can clutch happily. Photograph by Eric Joseph Tagle via Flickr.

Above: To make sure your orchid has enough light in the winter, increase the amount of light by placing the plant in front of a mirror; a reflective surface will increase light.Also, they hate to have wet roots; choose a pot with good drainage and spread a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the pot. Photograph by Hitchster via Flickr.

Now that you’re armed with these helpful tips, here are five essentials that will make the job of keeping an orchid alive even easier.

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