5 Unique Splatter Paint Ideas for the Home

If Jackson Pollack were an interior designer, we can imagine him dreaming up these spaces featuring black and white splash- and splatter-painted surfaces. What do you think? Inspired design or monkeys painting?

Above: A dramatic splash-painted entryway in NYC via Lonny.

Above: A paint-spattered cabinet by Leslie Oschmann of Swarm, featured in Mark and Sally Bailey’s book The Handmade Home; photo by Debi Treloar.

Above: A kitchen by French interior designer Marianne Evennou, first spotted on Desire to Inspire.

Above: A black and white lampshade by Claire O’Hea in the home of UK designer Virginia White.

Above: For a DIY from Remodelista’s own Justine Hand, go to New England Spatter-Painted Floors.

Looking for more paint inspiration? If so, explore more on Remodelista.

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Val M.
Val M.2 years ago


Mac C.
mac C.2 years ago

There is a lot of splatter here... I like the floor and the lamp. Thanks.

Spirit Spider
Spirit Spider2 years ago


Kay M.
Kay M.2 years ago

whatever makes you happy.

Kate S.
Kate S.2 years ago

I can't judge another persons taste in decor...

Kathleen Cazander

I like the lampshade.

Ro H.
Ro H.2 years ago


Christine Jones
Christine Jones2 years ago

Absolutely hideous imho, but each to their own.

Autumn S.
Autumn Away S.2 years ago

I like the floor :) thanks

Marie W.
Marie W.2 years ago

Controlled splatter- not splatter splatter.