Follow Your Heartís Intelligence

At the Institute of HeartMath, scientists have found new evidence that the power of heart intelligence is helping us far more than anyone every suspected. The research is showing that the heart has measurable impact on decision-making, our health problems, our productivity at work, our childrenís learning ability, our families, and the overall quality of our lives. Heart intelligence also sends us messages about these important matters.

Follow your heart, the saying goes. Easier said than done, right?

The Institute of HeartMath has designed a biofeedback software system called Freeze-Framer that you can place on your home computer to monitor and train you to ďbe in your heart.Ē It has been a fascinating experience for me and my family to work with this program. For example, if I sing freely and visualize beautiful scenery the scores indicating my mind and heart are synchronized are very high. If, on the other hand, I think of stressful situations that I normally cope with in my ďhead,Ē my scores are low, indicating that my stress is counterproductive. Learn more here about Freeze-Framer. It just could change your life!

The Insitute of HeartMath

By Annie B. Bond


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Thank you

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This has been said in many ways by others. Our emotions play such a big part in forming our decisions. This is a positive way forward. Thanks.

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seems to show that being in the moment rather than letting thoughts and worry take you away are healthier

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Thank you for sharing.

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Right; -Listen to Your heart, that's the best You can do...