Forming An Intent

Intent is a seed in consciousness, or spirit. If you pay attention to it, it has within it the means for its own fulfillment. Intention’s infinite organizing power orchestrates countless details simultaneously.

Intent is the reason why some people have a spontaneous remission or heal themselves. Intent orchestrates all the creativity in the universe.

And we, as human beings, are capable of creating positive changes in our lives through intent. So why do we lose that ability? The ability is lost when the self-image overshadows the self, when we sacrifice our true self for the ego.

The realization that “I” am separate from “you” starts to happen at around two or three. At this stage a baby starts to differentiate between “me” and “mine,” and “not me” and “not mine.” This separation creates anxiety. In reality the world is not separate from us, but part of the continuum of consciousness.

Intent works by harnessing the creative forces inherent in the universe. Just as we have our personal creativity, the universe also displays creativity. The universe is alive and conscious, and it responds to our intent when we have our intimate relationship with the universe and see it not as separate but as our extended body.

We can restore the power of intent through a return to the true self, or self-actualization. People who attain self-actualization reestablish their connectedness to the non-local mind. They have no desire to manipulate and control others. They are independent of criticism and also of flattery. They feel beneath no one, but they also feel superior to no one. They are in touch with the internal reference point that is their soul, and not their ego.


Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press).


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good to remember

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Thank you.

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Ah, yes, the soul

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Thank you Dot. It sure is nice to be exchanging thoughts with you too. A cyber treat.

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Wonderful to see Uma and Gaby here. My computer problems prevent reading more than just a few comments, yet, I know how much both of you contribute to this most enlightening of CARE2 pages. The restrictions on Green Stars prevents sending another, so, just know that I tried and always feel you both add Green Stars to life! Thanks and Blessings as well.

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Gaby and Kathleen thank you so much. It really matters and helps me to know that my thoughts are well received. Desire is the first step to spiritual development. Originally we go with the flow, with the common currant of group thought and desire. Our mentality is totally negative in that we are acted upon rather than initiating action. As if we're walking down stream with the herd when suddenly it occurs to us that there is something we wish to embrace or avoid that necessitates taking steps of our own outside the group flow. At that point positive thought is initiated. Our intention, sparked by that desire, is formed.Spiritual growth comes from making and accepting responsibility for choices. The more intense the desire or fear the more power is raised to create the willed outcome. As long as we accept the herd mentality blaming outer forces for suffering we are of the negative mind set; always acted upon. Self initiated action, intention, is positive thinking. It always involves decision; gathering power to fulfill desire. Acknowledging responsibility is the only way we can claim the power to control, create, our reality. There is a third mind set called creative thought which is the willed decision to act or be acted upon.

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Meditation seems a good way to attain this enlightened state