Fabulous Formulas to be Free of Fleas

Over the years we have put up a number of different less toxic
solutions for ridding a pet and home of fleas.

The reason we have put up a variety of formulas is to meet a wide range of variables: Cats are sensitive to ingredients that don’t effect dogs, some people have more carpet than others, and on and on. What we do know is that there is absolutely no reason to resort to toxic flea bombs and toxic chemical pesticides, and many reasons to avoid them for your health, the health of your pet, and the planet!

We’ve gathered a number of flea solutions here for you, so you can
mix and match as you need for your own particular circumstances.

Cats and Fleas: Which Repellents are Safe?

How to Groom Pets for Fleas

Flea Free

Flea and Tick Collars

All Around Flea Control

Easily Custom Make Your Own Insect Repellent

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