Funderwear Lets Couples Touch Each Other Via Smartphones

The long distance relationship just became that much easier. Condom company Durex Australia is developing new computerized underwear called Funderwear.

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Catrin K.

Thanks for sharing. Don't knock it till you try it :) .

Janis K.
Janis K.2 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Jeffrey Stanley
Jeff S.2 years ago

Anything that helps us stay connected to our lover is a good thing!

Brenda P.
.2 years ago

lol, prefer the real thing

Jordan G.
Jordan G.2 years ago

Two gf's have this. They love it.

Gyan T.
Gyan T.2 years ago

Was this posted on 1st April???

Dave C.
David C.2 years ago

surprised there are so few ongoing comments.......but I get 20 more butterfly credits....

Kenneth Davies
Kenneth Davies2 years ago

Each to their own but be careful at work

Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert2 years ago

Interesting and pretty kinky if ya asks me...

Dave C.
David C.2 years ago

love the comments.