Funny Goat Voice (video)


This fella looks like your typical goat, until he opens his mouth…

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Lois K.
Lois K.4 years ago

What's the matter, human got your tongue? 8>]

Melinda K.
Past Member 4 years ago

they really do make strange human like sounds, the first time I moved to this area I thought I heard a woman screaming down the road, but it turned out to be a goat - slightly creepy and weird, but they do just sometimes sound like this.

paula eaton
paula eaton4 years ago

Goats are adorable

Jutta N.
Past Member 4 years ago

may have something with throat

Duane B.
.5 years ago

It would be nice to know if this goat had been seen by a veterinarian to see that it wasn't in any pain.

scarlett g.
scarlett g.5 years ago

SOUNDS LIKE HE HAS A SORE THROAT.....time for a large animal vet check!!!

Helle H.
Helle H.5 years ago

Maybe he's from another country.

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams5 years ago

That is strange, I do hope he okay!

Hana Bosco
Hana Bosco5 years ago

Weird sound.... should be checked by vet.

Tana D.5 years ago

That was weird. I hope he's ok and there's nothing wrong with him.