Meet Solar Innovator Peter Le Lierve

Sarah Backhouse of Future360 meets Australian innovator, Peter Le Lierve, who is bringing solar thermal technology to America’s rooftops.


Warren Webber
Warren Webber1 years ago

Live long and prosper!

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola4 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

No Body
Chi Warrior4 years ago

Another step towards the solar hydrogen economy. It is only a matter of time. before the The Phoenix Hydrogen Co-op takeoff

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago

You go bro!

Victoria Pitchford
Vicky P.4 years ago


Meta Reid
Meta Reid4 years ago

Wow, thanks for the information. When we build a new house, we'll use one.

Jon Hoy
Jonjon Hoy4 years ago

If I could have everything Solar it would be. The whole world needs to be solar as this is the 21st Century where everything needs to Go Green.

Jo Asprec
Jo Asprec4 years ago

Bravo Peter!

Robert O.
Robert O.4 years ago

Thanks Sarah.