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Nature & Wildlife

Daily Cute: Man Serenades Mesmerized Cattle with Trombone

The days of the snake charmer are not over. Watch a beautiful scene of cattle running throught their pasture, toward a musician who is waiting for them to be his audience. This clip really reminds u…


8 of The Worst Foods For You

It's pretty easy to know what foods are good and bad for you. Of course, homemade mac and cheese isn't exactly the most nutritious food you can eat, and fresh berries are healthy and delicious. Even i…


Daily Cute: Gorilla Reunites with Man Who Saved Him

Damian Aspinall, the founder of Aspinall foundation, raised this Gorilla for years before placing him in conservation in West Africa. After five years apart, Aspinall sees the Gorilla for the firs…


Adorable Baby Animals Snuggling With Their Moms

When you think of a zoo, what comes to mind? Some people love having a place where they can go to see and learn about animals they'd otherwise never be able to experience. Others feel that zoos are in…


Extinction Is Happening Every Day

Extinction sucks. The reality is that extinction is real, and happening every day. Hereís the sad thing about extinction: the death of the last member of a species is rarely witnessed. Take t…


7 Adorable Videos of Animal Moms Rescuing Their Babies

There's one thing all living creatures have in common: Moms. Throughout the animal kingdom, moms are protective of their children. There are the extreme cases:†The Giant Pacific Octopus, for exampl…


Surprising Facts About How Animals Sleep (Infographic)

From sea otters to the family dog, the animal kingdom has unique and diverse sleeping habits. As humans, it's easy to forget that the entire planet doesn't revolve around 6-8 hours of sleep, a cup of …


How Not to Spread Invasive Pests

When hungry insects decide to travel to new areas, they can devastate crops and trees and upset native ecosystems. And we humans often inadvertently provide transportation for these hungry pests. …


Care2 Petition Author Asks for More Humane Solutions to Control Wild Horse Population

Wild horses are considered "living legends of the West." Along with wild burros, they're supposed to be protected by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) under the authority of the Wild Free-Ro…


5 Habits to Help You Stay Fit at Any Age

There's a lot of contradictory information on fitness out there ó itís easy to get overwhelmed. But really, itís quite simple. No matter your age or fitness level, incorporating some physical activity…


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