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Why Half of U.S. States Have a Deadly Bat-Killing Disease

White-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has killed 6 million American bats since 2006, was confirmed in two new U.S. states this week. Its arrival in Michigan and Wisconsin pushes the national tota…


10 Common Flowers You Should Eat

When most people think of flowers, eating them isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, many of these beautiful plants can be eaten and can add color and texture to a raw salad or …


How the ‘Mushroom Death Suit’ Breaks Down Your Body for Nature

For those interested in natural cemeteries, but not so fond of being buried, allow me to introduce you to the Mushroom Death Suit. The concept is the brainchild of artist and MIT research fellow Ja…


Brilliant Cute Animal Compilation (Video)

EIF - CUTE ANIMAL (web) from Cinefamily on Vimeo. This cute animal compilation is amazing. Why? It's an old preview for the Cute Animal Film Fest, which took place last summer. Here's a glimpse of w…


How to Grow Green Beans Even if You Have a Brown Thumb

Whether you call them string beans, snap beans, or haricots verts, green beans are a great addition to any backyard garden, and because they're easy to grow and harvest, they can be a good gateway cro…


What You Should Know About Methane (CO2′s Evil Stepsister)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the greenhouse gas that gets tossed around in most climate change conversations. But methane (CH4) is making its way into the mainstream spotlight. Methane is released in…


Natural Remedy as Effective as Allergy Medication

Spring has sprung and with the warm weather comes bountiful buds and blooms on the plants that surround us.  Spring also brings plant allergens that can disrupt our enjoyment of nature's rebirth.  For…


The Geep! Rare Goat-Sheep Hybrid Born in Ireland

Behold the geep in all of its goat-sheep glory in the video above! Irish sheep farmer Paddy Murphy noticed a goat mating with one of his white Cheviot sheep a while back, but thought little of it. …


Elephant Spontaneously Spurs Piano Duet (Video)

Who says pianists need fingers? Peter the elephant is perfectly happy using his trunk to rock out to a 12 Bar Blues piano duet with this musician. Related Injured Elephants Reunite After 22-Year…


L.A. Circus Is Animal-Free For The First Time in 88 Years

For the first time in 88 years, no wild animals will be on stage at the annual Los Angeles Shrine Circus, scheduled April 11 to 13 at The Shrine Center in L.A. According to The Los Angeles Daily Ne…


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I wanted to cut back on oil a few years ago and started using this method for stir-frying and for ba…

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