Go Baby Go: Eco-Friendly Baby Care

Zoliís new eco-friendly baby care is perfect for expecting parents that want their little onesí lives greener than Kermitís. To protect the health of babies, Zoli forgoes toxic ingredients like PVC, PBA, phthalates, latex, chloride, or nitrosamines to make products that are either recyclable or biodegradable.

Check out Zoliís “On the Go” changing mat, which comes in pink or blue and is completely biodegradable, and travel formula and snack dispensers, stackable containers which keep your babyís food and formula fresh until you need them. Find all of Zoliís items at zo-li.com.

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Both are for our future

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Well isn't that interersting? Thanks.

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buy the book 101 ways to save money(and our planet)

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Justin Walter
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We use cloth diapers on our 7 mo old little girl Rylie, she is breast fed, i make her food and we use oraganic soap. in the long run, it saves us money and i feel good knowing that im trying to raise a healthy kiddo and doing my part for the environment . we recycle everything we possibly can as well, it makes you feel good inside.