Gardening Clubs and Classes

Do you feel that you would you like to know more about what do in the garden? Do you sometimes feel as if you have reached your maximum level of knowledge or ability as a gardener?

Since fall is here and things have slowed down in the garden, now is a good time to explore the resources available in your area to help you become a better gardener.

One of the best ways to learn more about what grows best in your particular area is to get help from local experts. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to make a long-term time commitment, that you need to take formal college-level classes, or even need to get a horticulture degree.

Most communities offer a variety of short-term, informal, educational options ranging from a single class or lecture, to a short series of classes and even special events that feature an expert speaker on some specific gardening topic.

Where to find a class? One of the best resources for gardening education and information presented by knowledgeable instructors is your local botanic garden.

For example, some of the classes offered this fall at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, include Victory Gardening and Composting and Gardening 101. Are you in Denver? At the Denver Botanic Garden you can take Permaculture 101 or even a class on maintaining your garden tools.

Most gardens offer something for every level of gardener, from beginner to expert, through horticultural lectures and classes. And, they also have plant shows and special events tied to seasonal activities such as holiday decorating from the garden or garden gifts.

Another great way to get help in the garden is to attend local garden club or society meetings. These groups are the perfect place to find out more about a particular plant or from a particular area. Its members are enthusiasts with lots of tips and helpful advice, their meetings usually have excellent guest speakers, and they have newsletters packed with information, tips, and resources.

Your local botanic garden is a great place to find clubs or societies for specific plants or specific areas. For local geographical clubs check the Garden Club of America. Their site not only lists clubs in different states and England, but also lists some botanic gardens and arboreta. For those in the United Kingdom, this site lists garden societies and gardens.

Taking a local gardening class or attending a workshop or club meeting is not only one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to learn more, but also to share your love of gardening with others who feel the same way and to make some new gardening friends.

Judi Gerber is a garden and agriculture writer, a horticultural therapy consultant, and a certified Master Gardener with the UC Cooperative Extension Los Angeles, Common Ground Garden Program.


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