Go Vegan and Raw?

By Magda Rod

Iíve been on a journey to my optimum health for a couple years now. Two years ago at Worldfest I heard Sea Shepherdís Captain Paul Watson speak about the over fishing of the ocean, while I simultaneously met a community of radiant raw eaters. I was inspired to set an intention for the sake of my health and that of the planet, to go raw vegan. That was two years ago today. I didn’t give myself a time limit. I knew that slow and steady wins the race so I gave myself as long as it would take for me to acquire the knowledge and fortitude to stick with my goal.

Today, thanks in large part to Rainbeau Mars, I’m elated to announce I’ve attained my goal. I’m comfortably enjoying a vegan and 80 percent raw diet. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve even been. A few months ago I, along with about 50 other health conscious people around the world, participated in a group Fresh Start Cleanse led by Rainbeau and Brigitte Mars.

I went into the cleanse thinking that I would learn a few things and get a bit healthier. I was, after all, holding on to a last little nibble of cheese once in a while, which was keeping me out of the vegan category. This cleanse overdelivered in ways that are hard to even explain. Being supported by 50 strangers in near and distant lands, along with daily email support from the Mars, was incredibly powerful. The first week we were asked to eat vegan, so there went that little cheese nibble. With such a strong network supporting me, I easily dropped it, and three months later, I’m still vegan!

The program is great for anyone looking to improve their eating habits and take their health to the next level. You can start where you are with no judgment, no finger wagging. Just show up with a commitment to learn as much as possible and uplevel your own health. This is a crash course in health and nutrition, with group support to help educate and motivate you and keep you on track. The sheer amount of shared information and weekly teleconference calls made me think they left a zero off the price tag, seriously. I learned new ways of eating and acquired tools that I’ll continue to utilize forever. This cleanse is not about limiting portions, or dieting. It’s about learning new ways of eating that better serve your body, mind, soul and planet.

The first week is all about avoiding certain unhealthy things like refined sugars, animal products, alcohol, cigarettes etc., and asks participants to embrace a vegan diet. Week two is all raw, living foods. Loads of recipes come along in the manual and the personal attention to specific questions and concerns people received was like having a personal health and nutrition coach; plus we all learned from each others challenges. The third week of the cleanse we were asked to eat blended foods like smoothies, soups etc.† It taught me a whole new way of eating. One that gave my digestion a break and left me feeling satisfied and empowered.

I felt so inspired and supported by the whole experience I ended up clearing out my house and storage unit during the three weeks too. I found things Iíve been looking for for ages and released a lot of clutter. I now have a clear space to do my sacred yoga practice in, a clean body, and a head full of useful information and new tools to help support me on my path to ever-expanding vibrant health. The cleanse was life altering for me, and I couldnít be more grateful. Once in a while when I’m in certain situations where raw options are not available, I stray from the diet. But, if ever veer too far, I know Rainbeau will be hosting another cleanse every few months and I can get back on track.

Interested parties can email info@rainbeaumars.com for cleanse dates and more information.

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Magda Rod is a visionary ecopreneur and independent consultant based in Los Angeles, CA. Magda is the founder of VisionaryActivistNetwork.org and Visionary Boutique Consulting. She is an activist, dot connector, photographer, designer, stylist, blogger, PR/Marketing wiz, event planner, yogini, raw food chef, nutritional coach, eco-warrior, and mom. Magda enjoys writing about topics that move her soul. Her mission is to assist social and environmental transformation to help create a world that works for everyone.
Image: Rainbau Mars – leader of Fresh Start Cleanse


Diane L.
Diane L3 years ago

Actually, Cosmic, not in the remotest. Cheese doesn't torture cows, nor does the cheese making process. Yup, the older and more "moldy" the cheese, the better it actually is as far as being "healthy" to eat. I've known what the process is for many, many years, and I am intelligent enough to understand the difference between the kind of "mold" that produces a great cheese and the kind that is nasty and incubates germs and bacteria. Maybe you don't and that is leading to your confusion.

Cosmic Sky
Sky Price3 years ago

Thx. Reading a wikipedia about how chz is made or how cows are tortured for it (besides all the bacteria n mold ADDED to it's already moldy substance) will definitely make you not want to eat it.

Fred Hoekstra
Fred H3 years ago

Thank you Magda, for Sharing this!

Fred Hoekstra
Fred H4 years ago

Thank you Magda, for Sharing this!

Deanna Leduc
Deanna Leduc6 years ago

I went Raw last year for the summer :) it was lovely! and so very yummy! :)

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago

Very interesting comments.

Jean Sleigh
Jean Sleigh6 years ago

Wow, great comments... interesting topic as always... and 'Rainbeau Mars (heehee) is an interesting name! My logical, thinking brain says vegetarian/vegan IS the way :) Yay.. let's do it! Then my wallet comes stomping in saying "Oi, who's spending all the money around here!! Those veggies are too expensive! NO you CAN'T have organic that's even more expensive!! Only stick to seasonal stuff, you hear?!" (hmmm, that's sometimes the same old 4-5 veggies :( So there's my personal dilemma... "and beans" you ask... HAHA, er, well, thank g-d I'm single is all I can say! :D

Frank Y.
.6 years ago

If you were in the position of over a billion people on the planet...you would eat the butt out of a goat. We are so fortunate to be able to have so much to eat and mince around making luxurious comments about it as pedantic food experts.

magda r.
.6 years ago

@Diane. I'm getting the food pyramid perspective from the film "Forks Over Knives". They go pretty in depth in explaining why it reads as it does-supporting the farmers that receive the largest subsidies etc. It's created by entities with an agenda that does not necessarily include the health of the general population. They've been incredibly successful, as has the dairy industry, in marketing it as truth(My daughters school is forbidden to offer the kids anything besides milk to drink at lunch-even water). The powers that be are helping to create a very sick society, that continues feeding the medical and insurance industries lots of patients. I'm not implying conspiracy here, just pointing out that the government can't be trusted to put our health first. Just look at the GMO explosion(Frankenfood) and systemic pesticides(responsible for the vanishing of the bees) that are given free reign and even massively subsidized by the government these days. I advise people to do their own research and trust YOURSELF and do what works for your body. Again,forksoverknives,com spells put and dispels a lot of the myths around a human's need for animal products, and explains how we got to where we are today, with heart disease, which the film demonstrates with hard science, is directly related to consuming animal products, being the NUMBER ONE killer of men and women in the US. And for the love of God let's all pay attention to the next farm bill.

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D6 years ago

I use the USDA Food Pyramid in writing journals (school) and while it is ever changing (every couple of years), it has never changed in the food groups being inclusive of meat, fish, seafood, poultry. The comment made that no where in the pyramid are these foods part of but not even mentioned, I was astounded since the person making the comment claims to be a 'Certified Nutritionist'. It is the outright attempt to mislead that do not lend credibility to an argument. The pyramid does offer substitutions for vegetarians but this group of none meat eaters still get their animal proteins so there is not the same kind of concerns of achieving optimum health.
I said so many times that I applaud anyone who is true to their convictions and that includes their journey of became totally vegan once they have studied in depth how to go about it. It is not a lifestyle that should be plunged into head first without much fore-thought of consequences.