Got Weeds? Win These Tools!

Would you like to see these lovely tools in your gardening shed? If you have a good tip for controlling weeds in your garden naturally, the tool kit might be yours. The July monthly contest at The Oldest, Largest Garden Party in America’s History is up and running. If you haven’t read about the Garden Party, it is an online event hosted by Dr. Brent and Beekman 1802 (Dr. Brent’s farm in Schoharie County, NY). It is happening continuously over the 2009 gardening season, with the goal of inspiring backyard gardeners, and created as a place for people across the country to share gardening tips and passions with one another. Each month there will be prizes (yay, prizes!) for the best tips submitted–winning submissions are chosen by some of the most noted gardeners in America.

This month, Jerry Baker will be reading over the natural weed control tips submitted and will be selecting his favorite one. You may remember Jerry from his runaway bestseller, Plants Are Like People, published in 1972. He was also the guy who started the national craze of talking to your plants! Since then, Jerry has written more than 50 books, and more than twenty million copies of his books have been sold. In the late 1990s, he had his own gardening specials that aired on Public Television stations across the country. These shows featured his timely tips, tricks, and tonics on such topics as lawn, flower, tree, shrub, and evergreen care. They were very successful, and were among the most popular programs on PBS at the time.

Anyone who has a garden has certainly schemed and dreamed about ways to beat the weeds, what methods have you come up with? If you’d like a shot at winning the OXO Good Grips Gardening Tool Kit, please visit the Garden Party website and leave your tip in the comment field. (We’d love to see your tip in the Care2 comments as well, but make sure to enter them at the Garden Party to be eligible for the prize.) Happy weeding!


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" Weeds are flowers that are out of place in the garden...."

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