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Eco-friendly tips

Why You Should Clean Up Fallen Leaves (and How to Make It Easier)

Brightly colored autumn leaves are one of the greatest joys of the season. However, once these same leaves drop off the trees and land on your yard or your roof, they are usually no longer so welcome.…


25 Things You Should Start Adding to Your Compost Pile

If you’ve already started composting, you’ve probably got the basic idea of what goes onto the pile. You’re already dumping your peels, cores, leaves, clippings and coffee grounds. You’re already th…


Driscoll’s Organic Strawberries Make a Big Move Forward

Did you know that most organic strawberry plants don't start out organic? That's changing, starting with the country's biggest strawberry producer. There was some good news for organic standards th…


How to Make Your Own Cosmetics (Infographic)

Looking at the ingredients on a simple stick of deodorant is enough to make any conscious consumer's head spin. The same can be said about taking a trip down the cosmetics aisle. Instead of having to …


Is There Free Food in Your Neighbors’ Yards?

Depending on where you live, you might be able to stroll down the street and pick some nice ripe tomatoes or a head of lettuce, not have it cost you a dime, and not get thrown in jail for trespassing,…


15 Essential Supplies You Need to Survive a Natural Disaster

If natural disaster strikes, how easily will you survive? September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, but any month is a good time to get prepared. Hopefully, you'll never experience a real …


9 Unusual Facts for National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month. That makes it a great time to learn more about honey and the essential role it plays in our diets, health and environment. For example: 1) Honey is essentially be…


Recycling and Upcycling for Travelers

Despite just how much fun traveling is, the supplies and the trips themselves definitely contribute to traveler's carbon footprint and waste. Instead of just tossing that sunscreen bottle when the bea…


How to Landscape to Protect Against Natural Disasters

When it comes to protecting your home against fire, flood and wind, you can let Nature battle Nature when you plant the right trees, shrubs and grasses. Here’s how the proper – and properly maintained…


11 Surprising Uses for Salt Water

Over two-thirds of our planet is covered in the stuff—so it makes sense that people have discovered so many different ways to use salt water to tackle problems. From cleaning tricky spills and stains …


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