Green Valentine’s Day

Greening your Valentine’s Day is pretty easy here in the Bay Area. We have forward-thinking green restaurants, an abundance of outdoor activities, sort of decent public transportation – at least up and down the Penninsula – and other resources to help us green our holidays.

Here are my top eight (five just wasn’t enough) things you can do this year to green your Valentine’s Day.

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1. Go to a restaurant that serves sustainable, organic and local food – check out my post on ten great places around the bay to do so.

2. While you’re there, order locally made libations.

3. Take public transit or walk there.

4. If you’re hosting your own party, check out these tips for a Green New Year’s (the same things apply to any holiday); our list of locally made liquors and some recipes to put them in. If you’re attending, check out these green hostess gift ideas.

5. Buy sustainable candy and fair trade chocolate.

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6. Buy sustainable jewelry.

7. Order organic flowers – DO SO BY THE 12TH AND YOUR STILL IN TIME! Find out why organic flowers are healthier.

8. Give other green gifts.

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day full of love, laughter and saving the world!

-Jocelyn Broyles


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Care member3 years ago

Thanks for the article Greennii

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Thank you :)

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Fi T.3 years ago

We've got to love our environment as well

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'Sustainable jewelry'? Nice!

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Thanks for the tips.

LM Sunshine

good ideas for every day, thank you for info!

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Be careful if you wish to give flowers, particularly the traditional red roses. They probably come with 100s or 1000s of air-miles attached.