Green Your Purse

On Tuesday, I posted an article on all natural lip balm, which inspired me to think about all the other things we women carry in our purses that we could make less toxic for ourselves and the planet.

Lip Balm versus lipstick and lip gloss: lipstick and lip gloss contain petroleum derivatives, synthetic preservatives and paraben, which is a known carcinogen. Think about your skin being your largest organ and then think about where all that lipstick and lip gloss goes when it wears off (generally in your mouth). If someone asked me to eat a cracker with all the chemicals present in most commercial lip products, I wouldn’t do it – so why would I put it on my lips?

Perfume: Most people don’t think about perfume being toxic, but it’s full of lab-produced fragrances and chemicals, and again, this is going on your largest organ. The two that struck me were Benzaldehyde – a narcotic and sensitizer; and Limonene – A known carcinogen.

Pens: Several popular brands are now making eco-friendly options for the ubiquitous ballpoint pen.

Cell Phone: For your plan, check out CREDO Mobile. They rock. Among other things, they donate to environmental groups (10M plus to date); they use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for billing; they were the first mobile phone company to join; and they offer solar-powered phone chargers. For the actual phone, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola all sell recycled-content and otherwise eco-friendly phones.

Business Cards: Most business card companies will print on recycled paper and use soy-based ink. Ask for it. It’s worth it.

Lotion: Try anything that has natural oils, not petroleum-based oil.

I also wanted to include a bit about non-toxic makeup, but that subject needs an entire article – so stay tuned.

- Jocelyn Broyles

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Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence4 years ago

I'm going green - have done several green ways but this adds more!

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It takes a lot of thought to go completely green...I do what I can little by little.

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Kari Knabe5 years ago

I just Mary Kay's web site & they don't have these things in their perfumes.

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nice idea