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11 Solar Energy Mythbusters

Donít think solar works for you? You could be wrong! A lot of myths swirl around solar energy that prevent people†from making a well-informed decision about†whether itís right for them. PURE Energies,…


Which Fast Food Companies Are Polluting Our Oceans the Most?

From Starbucks and Subway to Domino's Pizza and Dairy Queen, most U.S.-based†fast food companies could be doing a lot more to use a lot less plastic. So could mega-brands General Mills, WalMart, Coca-…


Most Eco-Friendly Ways to De-Ice Your Sidewalk or Driveway

Don't let winter ice send you slipping and sliding down your sidewalk or driveway. Here are 5 ways to treat your walks that will keep you safer without taking a nasty toll on the environment. 1) St…


10 Things You Can Repair in Under 10 Minutes

From broken zippers to damaged USB cables, embrace your inner handyman with these quick DIY repairs. We live in a culture where disposability reigns Ė and the landfills are groaning with the strain o…


Don’t Let Anti-Wind Groups Block Clean Energy in Congress

Wind power is one of our most promising solutions to air pollution and climate change. With 2014 passing as†the hottest year ever recorded, wind offers a no-brainer way to move away from burning coal,…


Why You Should Read More Paper Books This Year

E-readers are undeniably practical, but science has weighed in on the debate and come up with a surprisingly traditional conclusion. As life moves faster and faster, there is a growing desire to slow…


These Mailbox Stickers Help You Borrow Stuff You Need

If you like the idea of sharing your stuff, and borrowing stuff your neighbors are willing to share, you're going to love this new project from Switzerland. It's called Pumpipumpe, and it works by mak…


Hate Wasting Time in Traffic? You Don’t Have To, With These 5 Apps

Sitting in traffic is a huge time-waster. It's bad for your mental health and the planet, too, since it means you're wasting a lot of gas just inching along †instead of efficiently driving on your way…


‘Repurpose Schoolbags’ Help Solve 3 Problems With One Inspiring Backpack

How do kids study at night if they have no lights so they can read? This is a real problem for children living in developing countries without easy or affordable access to electricity. Fortunately, an…


Benefits of a Living Green Roof (Infographic)

I dream of a home with a green roof. My trip to Michigan earlier this year for the 2014 Ford Trends conference re-ignited my interest in how green roofs work. Although the event was mostly about…


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@ Darlene: Sorry but the lying goes to you and Vinu Tell us again: What are the "toxins" in Va…