Guinea Pig Party Time–Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption this guinea pig party, from Care2 member Grace R!

First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption:

  • “Party? What party? My name is Merlin!” – da c..

    And here are four more of our favorite captions: 

  • “Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dotted hat on Grace’s guinea pigini.“” — Elisa F.
  • “Hey, where is my hat? I can’t find it. Its a yellow thing with white dots, I need it for
    my party.
    ” — Jeannete B.
  • “Yes, this is the alternative to pulling a rabbit out of a hatů” – Borg D.
  • “Just what I always wanted for my birthday! A yellow, polka-dotted, pointed cardboard hat.” – Nyack C

Got a cute or funny pet photo of your own that needs a caption? Submit your photos to!

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Marian A.
Marian A.about a year ago


Connie O.
Connie O.about a year ago

congrats and thanks for sharing

Nicole R.
Nicole R.about a year ago


JL A.about a year ago

Kudos to the clever winners!

Nils Anders Lunde
Nils Anders Lundeabout a year ago


Rosa Caldwell
Rosa Caldwellabout a year ago

Thanks for sharing.

Dale O.
DaleLovesOttawa O.about a year ago

Delightful, congratulations. It is always good to read the amusing captions that so many have posted while seeing cute photos as well.

Malgorzata Zmuda
Malgorzata Zmudaabout a year ago


Anteater Ants
Anteater Antsabout a year ago

Congratulations to the winner!

tin leng lim
tin leng limabout a year ago

Congratulations to the winner.