Hackable Buildings

You may be familiar with hacking computers, but what about hacking buildings? A hackable building is one thatís been adapted or modified to be almost unrecognizable from its original form. Architecture firm Gensler first coined the phrase “hackable buildings” and became a case study for this exciting new concept.

Gensler’s Los Angeles headquarters was transformed from a banking hall into a dynamic, social workplace. The team organized the space around a central communicating stair by hanging an entire floor to create a second floor. They cut a large hole in the upper most floor to promote inter floor collaboration, and added a skylight with operable windows to fill the space with natural daylight.

Single purpose office building suddenly seem outdated. Hackable buildings caters to increased worker mobility through technology advancements while the speed to market helps keep costs down for employers. Hackable buildings are also sustainable. Trashing existing buildings to build a new one from scratch requires transportation, materials and manpower. But preserving and repurposing an existing building is energy and resource efficient.

We hope to see this trend of hackable building making its way across the world. For more information visit future360.tv

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Warren Webber
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Live long and prosper

Monica D.
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Reduce, reuse, recycle. Thank you for sharing this

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Seems like it would be the approach for some historic preservations, too

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Agree with heather g. the term "hackable" is misleading. I thought it had something to do with computer hacking as in heather's comments.

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Thank you.

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Interesting idea...not certain I'd like to work in this one though.