Easy Greening: Hair Removal

It’s bathing suit and tank top season and that means unsightly-hair awareness. Unfortunately most salon waxes are petroleum-based, store-bought depilatories contain ingredients thought to be possible carcinogens, and disposable razors clutter up the planet. Try these eco-friendly solutions instead! We include a super-sweet DIY body-sugaring formula, and links to some great new products to try.

According to the Environmental Working Group, some cream depilatories contain suspected carcinogens combined with absorption enhancers that will actually help your body to absorb the carcinogens better. Plus the fragrances can contain hundreds of synthetic chemicals that make many people sick.

Salon waxes are usually petroleum-based and the process is painful, to say the least.

Shaving leaves stubble—and a lot of fallout at the landfill: More than 2 billion disposable razors dumped every year really add up!


Instead of salon waxing, try this great home formula instead. Those who have tried it say that it is a bit less painful than conventional waxing and it’s soooo sweet:
Ancient Egyptian Body Sugaring Formula

After sugaring or shaving, try Annie’s Luscious Moisturizing Shaving Cream formula.


If you decide to wax at a salon, be sure to find one that uses non-petroleum waxes, like Aveda’s Plant Wax formula, which uses natural floral waxes, beeswax, essential oils, and soothing emollients.

The Parissa Body Sugar formula is gentle on the skin.

This cute-as-a-tree-frog Wally Rubber Shower Razor attaches to your shower or tub wall. It’s made of sustainably-harvested rubber and is cruelty-free.

Or try these razors with handles made of recycled yogurt containers: Preserve razors can be recycled when you’re done.

By the Care2 Staff.


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