Happy 143rd Birthday, Gandhi! (Video)

In honor of Gandhi’s 143rd birthday and the International Day of Non-Violence, rapper MC Yogi has released “Be the Change,” a song and video chronicling Gandhi’s life and inspirational wisdom. Enjoy!

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Carla van der Meer

Thank you for sharing.

Rosemary Rannes
Rosemary Rannes3 years ago

" Truth alone is triumph" ... Bapu you opened my heart and changed my life, and I celebrate you always with appreciation and with love.

tanzy t.
tanzy t.3 years ago

Some more great names will be added. Let it be yours. PEACE

Vicki P.
Victoria P.3 years ago


Jane H.
Jane H.3 years ago

Wonderful Ghandi! HB to you.

Stella Gamboni
Stella Gamboni3 years ago

If he'd been Catholic, he'd have my vote for sainthood!

natalie n.
natalie n.3 years ago

whatever it is, we should all learn to emulate gandhi a bit in some way or other that we can.

Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Pepe Pops
Pepe Pops3 years ago

I am sorry we killed you,and everything that ends with your surname too,
and I am sorry we are such hypocrites,color threads and kitty videos,have like 100s of comments,but not this one..
But you wont be angry and spit on our faces (Sic Vicious might have,say hi)cause you``re not this kind of fella..

Will Rogers
Will Rogers3 years ago

Some guy trying to flog his video, that's all...nothing to see here..