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Diet & Nutrition

7 Good Reasons to Eat More Sweet Potatoes

Whether you eat them steamed, mashed, or baked, there are lots of good reasons to love sweet potatoes! Here are some surprising health benefits of this orange veggie. Sweet potatoes are among my tw…


Are Flax Seeds Bad For You?

My disenchantment with flax began quite innocently a couple years ago. When a nutritionist suggested I increase my flax consumption, I thought it was a great idea. After all, wasn’t flax the new “supe…


The 7 Ultimate Post-Workout Foods

Drop the Snickers! Toss out the potato chips! What you eat after a tough exercise session has a huge impact on your muscles and metabolism. If you're looking for something to replenish your body after…


10 Life Tweaks to Lose Weight (Without Exercise)

Small changes go a long way, especially when it comes to knocking off those extra pounds. Yes, you need to eat right and exercise, but you'll be surprised how small things, like using a blue tableclot…


Stay Toxin-Free With Coriander & Fennel Water

When the mercury soars, it's important to stay cool. For centuries, Ayurvedic healers have believed that toxins, called "ama" build up in the body at regular intervals and must be flushed out lest the…


8 Surprising Signs of Diabetes

The symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes usually appear in subtle ways. In fact, it's typical for people in the early stages of the disease to not realize there's something wrong for about 5 years before they'…


Eating Healthier Snacks at the Movie Theater

While you probably can’t get fresh fruit or veggie smoothies at the movies, there are other options beyond butter-soaked popcorn that are still satisfying. Here's how to navigate the theatre concessio…


Quick and Tasty Asparagus Couscous

Looking for a quick, delicious and elegant dish for a summer night? Look no further. This asparagus couscous has plenty of flavor and character, and is ready to eat in under 30 minutes. 1 ¾ cups wa…


Live Long, Die Young

Live long, die young is a traditional Chinese saying that refers to the fact that most of us don't want to die, but also none of us want to suffer. We would like to live a long healthy life— right up …


Aspartame and Second Hand Smoke Linked to Premature Puberty in Girls

Let's face it:  puberty, even when it occurs normally, can be a stressful time in the life of a developing young woman or man.  Normally, puberty occurs between the ages of eight and thirteen in girls…


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