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Mental Wellness

10 Probiotic-Rich Foods to Supercharge Your Diet

Most people know that yogurt (at least the unsweetened kind with live cultures) is a healthy option, but few people consider the many other foods rich in beneficial bacteria or yeasts that help boost …


Bipolarized: One Man’s Natural Approach to Mental Illness

Ross McKenzie was an outgoing athlete and valedictorian of his class with his entire life in front of him. That all changed at the age of twenty-one, when a psychotic break and the subsequent di…


4 Warning Signs You’ve Got Chronic Inflammation

You stumble to the bathroom in the morning, and as your eyes adjust you notice a cluster of pimples on your face. Ugh. As the day drags on, you can't shake your sleepiness, your appetite is insatiable…


What You Don’t Know About Building True Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is defined as having confidence in your abilities and your own worth as a person. That much is pretty obvious, but what isn’t often so obvious is how to get more of it. Sure, there are …


Warning Signs Your Pet May Be Depressed

Pets do not suffer from depression the way people experience depression. People with depression frequently report feeling sad, anxious, irritable, hopeless or have thoughts of suicide. They experience…


How to Balance the Brain, Heart and Gut to Make Better Decisions

It’s no secret that we live in an over-intellectualized society and try to make decisions only from our heads. We like data, facts and logic when it comes to making decisions. And yet, sometimes we do…


Acknowledge Your Anger to Help Prevent Disease

The more we learn about disease, the more we start to realize that there is no separation of body from mind. Treating just the symptoms of a disease does us no good if we are not also changing our men…


5 Things Nobody Tells You About Meditation

Are you new to meditation? Or have you thought about starting at some point in the future? For an activity that’s supposedly meant to be simple, calming and quiet, there sure are a lot of questions…


How Caretakers Can Conquer Compassion Fatigue

Burnout is something familiar to most workers, at least once in their lifetimes. The feeling of being “worked to the bone,” overly fatigued, and as if each day is a monotonous grind with nary an end i…


What Hitting the Snooze Button Does to Your Body

Ah, the snooze button. Whether you’re jolted awake by a piercing “BEEEEEEP” or gently brought to consciousness by a sound clip of some chirping birds, you probably know how it can be both a blessing a…


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Love ginger but too much sugar for me.

Cute. Reminds me of a few dogs I have had. Thank you for sharing.

Really good way to promote older cats, well done.

I can’t believe that my GENITAL HERPES is really cured. Oh is by this time last year I start fe…

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