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Hosting Thanksgiving? 5 Essential Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning or a Fire

All across the United States, families will soon be gathering for Thanksgiving dinner with turkey all the trimmings. For most, the meal will be delicious and biggest concern will be over how many calo…


Busted: Men Are More Helpful to Women Wearing Heels

I've never liked high heels, which pinch my toes and strain my weak ankles. In my 20s, I'd squeeze into heels for work or bar-hopping, then kick them off as soon as I got home. In my 30s, I traded hig…


You’ve Probably Been Holding Your Toothbrush Wrong

When you reach for your toothbrush each morning, how are you holding it in your hand? Gripping it between your thumb and fingers, nice and tight? You might want to relax the white knuckle grip, sug…


French Kisses Give 80 Million Healthy Bacteria

A study in the journal Microbiome found that a ten-second French kiss can spread 80 million bacteria between mouths. 80 million may sound scary, but these bacteria may actually benefit your body. S…


Thanksgiving as a Wellness Practice

Celebrations of a day of thanks are common around the world. Whether these observances mark an annual harvest, peace or something else, their underlying theme is appreciation and gratitude, sentiments…


5 Natural Ways to Get Thicker Lashes

I once had long, luxurious lashes that framed my blue eyes. Then, year by year, my lashes thinned,dropping like the proverbial flies. For a while, I painted Latisse on my lashes each night, and they g…


11 Proven Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Bloating

Bloating is the condition of your belly feeling swollen after eating (1). It is usually caused by excess gas production, and/or disturbances in the movement of the muscles of the digestive system (2).…


Eating for the ‘Change’: Best Foods for Menopause

Yes. Menopause Can Be Sexy! Menopause is the normal cycle of life where the menstrual cycles cease. It often begins around forty years after menarche. Menopause can be natural, premature (occ…


5 Ways to Avoid a Food Coma on Thanksgiving

Do you remember how you felt last year after you finished eating your big Thanksgiving meal? Did you want to curl up in a ball, lie on the sofa, and fall asleep? Or did you want to go for a walk, play…


7 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

You hit the gym five days a week. You eat all the veggies you can get your hands on. You religiously avoid all white carbs. But in spite of your good intentions, the number on the scale refuses to bud…


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