Healthy Dark Greens for Supper (video)

This video features an unusual, easy, and very healthy dish for vegans. Start with an assortment of greens of your choice. Sautée them with a mixture of olive oil, orange juice, soy sauce, mirin, and apple cider vinegar.

After a very few minutes of cooking put the greens out on a platter and sprinkle some pomegranate seeds over them.

As a side note, I am a pomegranate gourmand and was fascinated by the easy way shown to get the seeds out of the pomegranate.

Photo credit: Tammy Green

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Moni Ka
Monika K.2 years ago


Ken W.
Ken W.2 years ago


ILove Jackson
Chris Pyt5 years ago


Jean Smith
Jean Smith5 years ago

Thank you! This looks so easy to put together and so healthy too!

Laurie H.
Laurie H.5 years ago

GREAT POST--- LOVE GREENS-will try this one!~ Thanks!

Lupe G.
Lupe G.5 years ago


Carole H.
Carole Hagen5 years ago



This sounds lovely for all of us green addicts! I will have to find a substitute for the ginger, if my daughter comes to lunch, as she hates ginger! She can't even smell it, without feeling nauseous! Trying to do the full motherly bit, I bought her ginger tablets for morning sickness when she was pregnant, to stave off the nausea and I nearly killed her off! I suppose the ginger is the key ingredient to get the special flavour in this recipe, but, well.. I am sure I will come up with something else! Thanks for the post Cris!

Melinda M.
Past Member 5 years ago

How ironic. I had turnip greens for dinner.

Nancy B.
Nancy B.5 years ago

lovely recipe but I would suggest checking out the recent information on agave syrup. not as healthy as we've been led to believe!