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Household Hints

3 Best Household Items That Remove Pet Stains From Carpets

It's almost that time of year again: spring cleaning. Which means dusting every nook and cranny, scrubbing harder than you have for the past 365 days, and that includes getting down and dirty with sta…


Best Grocery Shopping Apps to Help Manage Your Next Party

You’re committed to hosting the next big potluck party. You have recipes, stores, lists and coupons running around in your head. And you’re getting a big headache just thinking about what you need, wh…


How to Spot and Treat Termites

Every year, termites cause billions of dollars of damage. They eat away at building foundations, get inside walls, chomp on joists and studs and even nibble at furniture if they get inside. I can say …


When and How to Use Chalk-Finish Paint (+ DIY Recipe)

Although it’s become a 21st century phenomenon among home decorators, bloggers, and Pinterest followers, chalk-finish paint (the popular term chalk paint is actually a registered trademark) has been a…


7 Best Eco-Alternatives to Throw-Away Paper Towels

Sure, paper towels are convenient. But they're also one of the biggest sources of trash in our kitchens. Not only do they usually come wrapped in plastic you can't re-use. You can use a paper towel on…


Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Marshmallows

I always thought marshmallows had only two purposes in life: to float atop a mug of hot chocolate and to form a golden, gooey topping for sweet potato pie. I’ve sold marshmallows short. These sweet…


Keep Your Shower Naturally Clean

Before discussing the eco-friendly way to clean your shower, I should mention one fact: I've got a thing for worn-out undershirts. Since the time when my kids grew past the cuddly onesie stage, my…


How to Peel an Orange and Other Genius Food Hacks

Food is life. So here are a baker's dozen hacks that make living with food easier and more economical. 1. Easy-slice Mandarin oranges: Slice off each end, make a small slice on top, and pull apart.…


24 Creative Ways to Reuse Oatmeal Containers

There’s more to do with your average oatmeal container than throw it away after it’s delivered you a series of tasty breakfasts. Here are 24 fun ideas that will get you upcycling that old oatmeal cani…


How to Remove Permanent Marker from Everything (Infographic)

Permanent marker can easily be semi-permanent marker if you know the right ways to remove it from precious furniture, carpet and walls. If you've ever been in a bind when your 3-year-old niece decided…


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Bubba is becoming a senior dog and I suspect he is losing his hearing. Either that, or it has becom…

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