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15 Surprising Uses for Bananas

Sure, most of us love to enjoy bananas for breakfast or, perhaps, a snack. But bananas have so much more going for them than just a delicious and nutritious treat. In fact, so many of the reasons bana…


Secrets to Buying or Selling an Energy Efficient Home

If you’ve been greeted by a blank stare from your real estate agent when you’ve tried either to buy a “green,” energy efficient or healthy home, or sell your own, that’s probably because the agent has…


How to Create a Rain Barrel

Even though rain barrels are pretty much all the same concept, each one tends to be put together in its own way. This is my rain barrel. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. It’s ma…


3 Products You Should Never Buy Again

As people with an incredible amount of buying power, we have a unique responsibility when it comes to being a responsible consumer. And with a world of options at our fingertips, it should be no surpr…


DIY Mini Magnetic Chalkboards

Add fun and color to your fridge with these DIY mini magnetic chalkboards! Bonus points if you can guess what they're made from just by looking at the photo. We love mason jar crafts, but those cra…


Picking on Cloth Diapers Misses the Point About Cotton

Cloth diapers made from conventional cotton may not be a great environmental choice, but what we really should be talking about is the cotton, not the diapers. In a recent Washington Post piece, Ke…


10 Surprising Uses for Tweezers

Most people have a pair of stainless steel tweezers in their medicine cabinet and a pair of plastic tweezers in a first aid kit. But tweezers are excellent tools for a number of different tasks beyond…


Meet The Woman Who Didn’t Buy Anything New for a Year

I’ve been a fan of Jen Gale since learning about her Make Do and Mend Year. Basically for a year, she and her family pledged to not buy anything new and instead make and mend everything they needed. C…


8 Common Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Most people know the basics of recycling, but some items seem to slip through the cracks. Here are 8 items that you probably didn’t know are actually recyclable… Eyeglasses. You know that drawer of…


How to Avoid Being a Human Guinea Pig

Are you under the impression that your health and safety are secure? [caption id="attachment_1353043" align="alignright" width="185"] Image credit: The Human Experiment[/caption] Watch “The …


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