6 Tips for a Healthy, Serene Holiday

Here is a collection of helpful holiday tips, from the top 20 immune boosters that can help to keep you and your family healthy this holiday season to an ancient Chinese secret for sleeping more restfully. We’ve included two luxurious–but simple–bath formulas to improve your mood and your energy level (and they smell divine), some help for those of us who get bogged down in the striving for perfection (wouldn’t that be most of us?), and a fun quiz that can tell you what holiday activities are best for your personality type.

It’s all right here:

Top 20 Immune Boosters

Chinese Wisdom for Better Sleep

What Holiday Activities Are Best for Your Type? Quiz

Jolly Holiday Bath

Soothing and Rejuvenating Holiday Bath

Transcend the Need for Perfection This Holiday Season

Collected by the Care2 Staff.


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Great article. I never get stressed about the holidays. If other people didn't get stressed about the holidays, they'd enjoy them more.

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