Healthy Summer Hair: How To

It’s fun in the sun, alright, but all that drying solar exposure can wreak havoc on our hair. Add seasalt or chlorinated pool water and our tresses can end up looking like straw.

Here are our favorite formulas to fix the hair damage that summer fun can cause. We include a rinse to get rid of that green color that comes from chlorinated water, a one-ingredient quick-fix, and two fabulous formulas for leaving our hair shiny, soft, and healthy:

Easy, One-Ingredient Hair Repair

Hair Repair Formula for damage caused by sun or salt water.

If the chlorine in your swimming pool turns your hair green, try this Chlorine Green-Hair Recovery Rinse

Try Lustrous Hair Conditioner to keep your hair beautiful, soft, and shining, even after exposure to drying summer sun and seawater.

By the Care2 Staff.


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Water Damage Restoration

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