HeartMath Best Practices Conference

In our Nourishing the Heart blog here on Care2, we’ve shared a little bit about the work we do to relieve stress in working environments, including hospitals.

Hospitals that are employing these science-based programs to reduce stress and increase staff performance share results at the HeartMath® Best Practices Conference.

Grinnell Regional Medical Center CEO, Todd Linden, will post daily blog updates from the HeartMath Best Practices Conference. The conference will be held through May 20th, at the Seascape Resort, in Aptos, California.

Todd’s blog will be available on three websites including his own (http://toddlinden.blogspot.com), the HeartMath website (http://www.heartmath.com) and The Health Care Blog (http://www.thehealthcareblog.com).

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Asking God for help and listening to your heart will always give you the best answers for you.

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Thanks Deborah.

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Life saving article. Thank you....!

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Life saving article. Thank you....!

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The only thing the hospital in this community is unnecessary, and naturally (!) expensive tests, while actively denying Dr.'s orders for the less expensive kind. Talk about being sick! (pun intended)

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Thank you for sharing!