Hippo and Dog Dance (video)

In this lively, clever animation the hippo sings “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” while his dog friend dances to the tune.

hippo & dog

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LMj Sunshine

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LMj Sunshine

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Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.4 years ago

plasticine rules

Valerie G.4 years ago

Thank you Cris:)

Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago

That's so funny! Thanks.

Karmen Jehn-mayo
Karmen Jehn-mayo5 years ago

Thank you!

nancy sands
Nancy sands5 years ago


Borg Drone

This is on one of my DVD's, Thanks

karin m.
Karin M.5 years ago

thanks Cris.

ana p.
ana p.5 years ago

So funny! Thanks!