Holiday Alert: A Company Curbs Clothing Consumption

Whether you are on a retail diet or not this holiday season, you’ve got to admire a company like Patagonia that has consistently been at the forefront the environmental movement. Very few companies get it right like Patagonia does. Not only do they create well-made, stylish clothing, their strong commitment to protecting both land and water causes is highly commendable. Patagonia believes in using business to inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. It is also dedicated to promoting fair labor and environmental protection where their products are made.

I have no stake in this company, but I do have a stake in my planet, and I believe if there were more companies like Patagonia, we’d be closer to closing the loop of sustainability. Now, I know some of you are shaking your heads in disgust, thinking once again, a green website is telling us to buy more stuff. But, not only is that not my intention, it would reek of greenwashing and be a disservice to Care2 readers. This is to inform you that a clothing company is making a difference.

Patagonia has separated themselves from the pack of clothing companies whose mantra is to promote useless spending and harmful environmental impacts. Patagonia is actively asking customers to reduce their spending by purchasing fewer clothes and wearing them until they’re all worn out. They have created the Common Threads Initiative so their customers can recycle their clothing.

What is Common Threads Initiative?
Patagonia’s new Common Threads Initiative includes free repairs and assistance in donating and trading clothes. To get the full life out of every piece of clothing they sell, it has to adhere to the famous four – Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle.

How does Common Threads Initiative work?
To purchase fewer clothes, the garments must be made of excellent quality (which means fair-trade that adheres to the highest possible environmental safety standards). For the clothes to last they have to be fashionabe and durable enough to last until they wear out.

Patagonia makes high quality clothes that are made with recycled or organic materials, and produced by people who are paid and treated fairly. They go beyond that and offer to repair clothing that wears out for free.

Patagonia is assisting in helping their customers sell, trade or donate clothes. They will help provide the means to sell or trade the item for something else – or donate it to someone who needs it.

Clothing that can’t be reused will be recycled through the Common Threads Recycling Program using the most efficient and least harmful method.

How to Recycle
Patagonia’s service is purely voluntary. Their customers gain the satisfaction of knowing their clothing will not end up in a landfill and that future products will produce less waste. Simply wash the item first and either send it to the Patagonia Service Center or drop it off at one of their retail stores.

For more information, here’s Patagonia’s website and blog.

What other companies challenge customers to be more thoughtful about their buying and educate to discourage excess, needless consumption and treading lighting on our planet? (Spammers, no need to comment.)


Tish L.
Tish Levee4 years ago

Wonderful! Thanks.

Trish K.
Trish K5 years ago

What a great company.

Megan Cig
Megan Cig5 years ago

Smart, and resourceful idea

Megan K.
Megan K5 years ago


Frances B.
Frances Bell5 years ago

I LOVE Patagonia! They're also one of the very few companies that produce waterproof shoes made without any animal content. I'm just annoyed that there isn't a shop in my home town. Retail world, take note - we need more stores like Patagonia!

Maria Sarris
Maria S6 years ago

Terrific idea. Awesome company. Other companies should follow in their foot steps.
I don't know of any company like Patagonia in Europe. Wish there was. I'd love to purchase an item or two from them. I've always bought classic styles.

Jennifer S.
Jennifer A6 years ago

Wonderful! Too bad they are so pricey. I guess they have to be since they are so pro-environment. I wish it were the other way around.

Cassandra O.
Cassandra O.6 years ago

this is awesome. =)

Angelica P.
Angelica P6 years ago


Tori W.
Past Member 6 years ago

terrific company.....