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Holistic Treatment for Feline Leukemia

Holistic Treatment for Feline Leukemia

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) compromises a cat’s immune system, opening the door to conditions ranging from diarrhea, skin infections, and dental disease to leukemia, other cancers, and liver disease. Cats pass the contagion on via bodily fluids such as saliva, urine, or a lactating female’s milk. While science searches for a cure, about 30 percent of exposed animals manage to rally their own defenses to overcome this formidable virus.

How do these super cats fend off FeLV? It starts with super nutrition, says holistic veterinarian Linda Faris, DVM, from her practice in Overland Park, Kansas. Superior immunity begins with nutrition appropriate for the species, she explains, and for your feline friend that means feeding it fresh, preferably organic meats, while steering clear of processed grains. “I see many FeLV compromised cats that are at the same time obese and nutrient-deficient due to poorly constructed commercial diets,” she notes. “You can’t have a top-notch immune response with obesity or nutrient deficiencies.”

If your cat needs treatment, what then? The answer depends on whom you ask. Possible false negative and false positive readings require conventional vets to diagnose FeLV using blood tests combined with a thorough evaluation of symptoms. Then typical treatments focus on symptoms (such as fluid therapy for dehydration) and management of secondary conditions (like antibiotics for persistent infections). A few Western vets push the treatment envelope with experimental immune-boosting drugs such as ImmunoRegulin and antivirals like AZT.

Holistic vets view FeLV a bit differently, though. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostics, Faris checks for imbalances long before pets become outwardly ill (FeLV-infected cats may not show overt symptoms for months or even years). Then she uses alternative therapies to bolster the animal’s own defenses. Identifying health threats early on proves particularly important with FeLV since treatment becomes less effective as the infection progresses.

Based on past success, Faris favors TCM in the battle against FeLV. “Chinese herbal formulas, which include huang qi (astragalus root) for correcting immune deficiency and shu di huang (rehmannia) for balancing blood, work wonders,” she says. “If caught early in the disease, the combination of proper nutrition, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture along the governing vessel [running down the back from the tip of the nose to the tip of tail] can keep this virus under control and enable your companion to live symptom-free.”

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By Victoria L. Freeman, PhD, Natural Solutions magazine

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Natural Solutions: Vibrant Health, Balanced Living offers its readers the latest news on health conditions, herbs and supplements, natural beauty products, healing foods and conscious living.


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6:21PM PDT on Jun 3, 2014

I may be chiming in a little late but have to tell my story in the hopes it can help someone.

In September 2013, my little boy, then 7 months old, was diagnosed with feline leukemia. I was crushed. This sweet little kitten who showed me nothing but love, was written off by the vets. Then, I got angry. As I looked down into my little guy's eyes, him looking up at me so trusting, I knew I had to try. I resolved to fight for him with everything in my arsenal.

I immediately got online and went to work, researching everything in the holistic realm since the conventional approach basically admitted defeat. I came across some news groups of people raving about several possible remedies, but I felt like I needed a multiple pronged attack on this nasty disease. After all, my little buddy was counting on me.

I bought l-lysine, reading it could stop the disease from replicating. To this I added a product called transfer factor plus which boosts the immune system, putting both in his and my other cat's food. I also bought organic non irradiated turmeric from the health food store and gave it to him via a big oral syringe.

Fast forward to now, June 2014. Not only is he surviving, he's thriving. He's grown huge and being Maine Coon will easily end up bigger than his 24 pounds of solid muscle. He plays, chases, the laser, pounces on me for his attention, even makes, me get up at night to fix HIM a midnight snack. He doesn't sneeze or cough, and even his leaky eye is almost

11:52AM PDT on Apr 10, 2013

thanks :)

11:22AM PDT on Apr 10, 2013


12:52AM PDT on Apr 10, 2013

Thank you for the information.

5:24PM PDT on Apr 9, 2013


2:31PM PDT on Aug 14, 2012

really need this, thanx!!!

5:40PM PDT on Apr 8, 2011

Thanks for the article.

4:54AM PST on Feb 6, 2011

Thanks for the info.

11:32PM PDT on Oct 21, 2010

Wysong makes a dry food called "Uretic", it is specifically for crystals in the urine. However there are two types of crystals and one type calls for one approach while the other type of crystal calls for a different approach. Only your vet can help you to differentiate which type and how to treat it. I have one cat that must not eat any fish product as that creates crystals in his urine, on anything else he's fine. Your cat maybe the same, maybe entirely different. You cannot go wrong with a water fountain; the more water they drink the better. If need be your vet can instruct you on supplying your feline with sub-q fluids which work wonders to help restore them to a healthier state.

7:51PM PDT on Oct 21, 2010

i don't know much about leukemia, but i do know that crystals stem from high magnesium and low water intake. from what i've read, low magnesium means .12% or less. and you should feed canned food because it contains water. also, purchase a pet fountain to encourage drinking. i checked newman's own organics. low magnesium and no poultry by-products. you may be able to get a deal on amazon. good luck.

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