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Homeopathic Treatment of Allergies

Arsenicum Iodatum

The person has a constant desire to sneeze with irritation and tickling of the nose. Watery, irritating, and excoriating discharge comes out the front of the nose and runs down the back of the throat. If the allergy continues for a long period of time, the thin discharge changes to a thick, yellow, hanging discharge that becomes a post-nasal drip, irritating the back of the throat. There is a feeling of blockage within the head and eustachian tubes. Often, the person has trouble hearing because of this fluid blockage. The person seems better outside in the open air. Sneezing aggravates the condition as does dry and cold weather, windy and foggy weather, and tobacco smoke. Symptoms are also aggravated from exertion and being indoors.

Arum Triphyllum

Nasal discharge is extremely acrid and excoriating, producing raw sores on the front of the nose and upper lip. (Allergies associated with the Arsenicum iod remedy produce irritation but do not produce sores.) The nose can be obstructed, causing the person to breathe through the mouth. There is pain over the top part of the nose, with large scabs often forming on the right side. The person constantly picks at the nose and lips until they bleed. The lips, roof of the mouth, and palate are often sore or raw and burning; the lips are also chapped. The corners of the mouth can become raw, chapped, and cracked. There is profuse saliva. The voice becomes hoarse, and gets worse from overuse and talking a lot. The face may feel chapped, as if a cold wind were blowing on it. Cold and wet winds, lying down, and the heat of a room aggravate the allergies.


The roof of the mouth is extremely itchy, and the eyes and ear canals itch and burn. The nostrils itch annoyingly. Much sneezing and loss of smell are also common with these allergies.


Dulcamara is especially suited for the person who lives or works in a damp, cold home or office. Symptoms can result from sitting on cold, damp ground or with sudden changes of temperature, especially from warm to cold. The nose stuffs up with a cold rain; otherwise, there is constant sneezing and a profuse, watery discharge from the eyes and nose. Eye discharges get worse in the open air. The person is thirsty for cold drinks. Diarrhea and joint pain can come on, especially in cold weather. Symptoms are often worse on hot days and cold nights (toward the end of summer and in early autumn). Symptoms are better with external warmth or by moving around.


The eyes water constantly, causing itching and burning. Sometimes a sticky mucus on the eyes can be removed by winking or wiping them. Eye discharge is acrid, burning, and often thick (this is the opposite of Allium cepa). Nasal discharge is profuse and watery, but does not irritate the nose or upper lip (this is the opposite of Allium cepa). A frontal headache may accompany nasal discharge. Frequent sneezing that gets worse at night is common. However, if a cough is present, it is actually better at night and worse during the day. Allergies are worse in the sunlight and the wind. Staying in a dark room is helpful.


There is violent sneezing and nasal discharge. The face is hot and the nose tingles and often has a burning discharge, especially in the morning. Thirstlessness accompanies the allergies, even though the mucous membranes are dry. Eyelids become so heavy that the person can hardly open them. Common symptoms also include a dull headache and slight fever. Legs may ache, and a chill may run up and down the spine. A peculiar symptom is profuse urination that accompanies a headache. Allergies are often worse in humid, foggy weather and can be aggravated by sudden emotions, bad news, and sudden surprises. Allergies tend to be worse in the summer and in the morning around 10:00 a.m.

Kali Iodatum

A profuse, watery, nasal discharge burns the nose and lip. The tip of the nose is often red. Frontal sinus pain is common. Pain in the sinuses and head may make the person anxious and irritable. When the sinuses are full, the nose is dry and does not have discharge. There is extreme thirst with violent sneezing. The person feels alternately cold and hot.

Natrum Muriaticum

A common symptom of this type of allergy is excessive, watery, nasal discharge (similar to the raw white of an egg). This thin discharge often lasts from one to three days, and then the nose may become stuffy, making breathing difficult. Sneezing is also common. The tongue has a frothy, bubbly coating, especially around the edges. Sometimes canker sores develop on the lips and the corners of the mouth. A salt craving is a particular symptom associated with this type of allergy. The mouth is dry, and the thirst seems unquenchable. The person often loses the senses of smell and taste. Sometimes, a hammering headache accompanies these allergies, which can be worse over the eyes. Allergies are worse in the morning from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and in the sun when it is warm outside. Symptoms improve in the open air and when bathing in cool water. Perspiration also seems to relieve the allergies. The person often feels better wearing tight clothes or a tight wrapping around the body or face.

Nux Vomica

Prolonged sneezing spells occur, especially when first awakening in the morning. Nasal discharge is runny during the day, but the nose is stuffed up at night and outdoors, and the stuffiness alternates between nostrils. There is itching all the way from the throat to the larynx and trachea. Itching is also felt in the eustachian tubes. Uncovering, noise, odor, and touch can sometimes initiate sneezing. The person is chilly and irritable and often stays up late at night with the bothersome allergies. The allergies can get worse after eating a meal, in the cool and open air, in drafts, and in the wind. The person feels better when the nose begins to run. Symptoms are better from rest and napping, warm drinks, and moist air.


The most common symptom of this type of allergy is excessive sneezing with a runny nose. Prolonged sneezing attacks can cause nosebleeds and severe headaches. Severe frontal sinus pain is a common symptom. The person can be particularly sensitive to the smell of apples. The eyes have a watery discharge, and there is great itching in the nose. The roof of the mouth itches which is relieved by rubbing the tongue on it. This palate itching is less intense than seen with Arundo or Wyethia. The eyelids are hot, red, and burning; however, the tears do not redden the skin around the eyes. Sometimes the person has difficulty hearing due to eustachian tube blockage. The mouth is dry, yet the person is not thirsty. There is a general body chilliness and a sensitivity to cold air. Symptoms are often worse from the odor of strong foods such as garlic and onion and certain flowers. Allergies are relieved with warm food and drinks.


The back of the nose has a feeling of fullness with a dryness of the nasal membranes. The person sneezes often and constantly needs to blow the nose, but there is no discharge. Dry scabs form, especially in the evening and at night. There is a feeling of floating in the air. Sometimes the neck is stiff. A dry, hacking cough comes on at night, which gets worse on inspiration. Allergies tend to get worse with sudden changes of temperature.


The back of the nose and roof of the mouth itch intensely (similar to the allergies associated with Arundo). The throat is dry and has a sensation of being swollen, causing difficulty with swallowing and clearing the throat of mucus (Arundo has fewer throat symptoms).

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By Dennis Chernin, MD, MPH, Contributor of Homeopathy on

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2:29PM PST on Jan 14, 2013

Thank you Dr. Neala Peake, for Sharing this!

7:20PM PST on Jan 10, 2013


1:55PM PST on Jan 5, 2013

Thank you Dr. Neala Peake, for Sharing this!

6:52PM PST on Dec 25, 2012

I used to get an itchy rash on my face ...turned out to be a seasonal allergy also.

6:51PM PST on Dec 25, 2012

I used to go to the doctor at least twice a year and tell him I have a really bad cold.
After a couple of years he studied my chart and told me that it was really bad bouts with seasonal allergens , was always in the Fall and Spring .

9:10AM PST on Dec 25, 2012

Thank you Dr. Neala Peake, for Sharing this!

6:43PM PST on Dec 17, 2012

Thank you, this did clear up a question I had.

5:24AM PST on Dec 17, 2012

Hi Dianna...I've got much the same condition though I've never had a doctor diagnose it as anything other than unknown skin rash. When I was in my 20's, I used to get it on my face; I thought it was impetigo for a long time. It would start as a pimple that I would scratch off, only to have it spread. It got so itchy that it was hard not to scratch. Then I started getting it on my hands. It would only happen when I wore rubber gloves so that was easy enough to fix. Now that I'm in my 50's, I get it on my abdomen. I've seen it cover my entire abdomen and stomach. It's extremely itchy and I'm sure I scratch at night, even when I'm able to stop myself during the day. My doctor gave me some cortisone cream to help with the itch and it helps alot. I've tried benadryl but it doesn't help, which leads me to believe it's not from an allergy. I try not to wear pants with a zipper and rivetted button because I think the metal aggravates it. Good luck to you....I know how annoying it can be!

3:52AM PST on Dec 16, 2012


2:06AM PST on Dec 16, 2012

Thank you for sharing.

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