How a 160lb Dog Exercises (Video)

Driving is not a way to get exercise. Unless you’re driving a remote control car to exercise your massive dog. Sometimes, when in comes to pet health, creativity is the most effective! Watch this dog get the exercise he needs in a very unusual way.

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Croweabout a year ago

Poor baby, - he looks like he is getting tired there toward the end.

Norma Villarreal
Norma Villarrealabout a year ago


Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.about a year ago

What a fun idea. I think the dog was more interested in catching the car though!

KAROLY MOLINARIabout a year ago

That was fun!!!!!!

Nils Anders Lunde
Nils Anders Lundeabout a year ago


Alvin King
Alvin Kingabout a year ago


Loretta Pienaar
Loretta Pienaarabout a year ago

Real fun!!!

Sonali G.
Sonali G.about a year ago

I see that the grass cannot grow. I would put my garden to better use.

Fi T.
Fi T.about a year ago

There must be a way if one dares to do

Rhonda B.
Rhonda B.about a year ago

Thanks for sharing.