How to Cuddle With an Elephant Seal (Video)

Watch this striking video of a woman cuddling with an elephant seal. What do you think? Does this look like an experience you would love to have, or does it seem dangerous and harmful? Leave a comment.

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JL A.2 years ago

prefer to watch

LMj Sunshine

To late..

LMj Sunshine

To late..

LMj Sunshine

To late..

Isabelle J.
Isabelle J.4 years ago


Carole R.
Carole R.4 years ago

Ah ... very sweet.

Pippa Collins
Pippa Collins5 years ago

your right this is a very special cross speices moment as you call it, and very beautiful too..but the reality and the very sad truth is we should not be interacting so closely with any seal, if we do "WE ARE CREATING HUGE RISKS OURSELVES AND TO THIER HEALTH AND SURVIVAL"
i have been in the position on more than one occasion to have tears of joy replaced with tears of sadness and dispear, working round the clock with colleagues to save a seals life that has bullet wounds,desease, malnutrition, net injurys or a whole manner of human related inflictions to experience the joys of caring for and seeing an animal recover ready for release back into the wild is something that brings tears of joy to my eyes just to think about it, but to see them fit and well, ready for release and then they die because they just couldnt cope with the bacteria and viruses we handed over to them is heartbreaking beyond words...
even though they are mammals they have a totaly diferent system of coping with desease, and have zero tolerance to things we fight off on a daily basis
as cute and wonderful as this moment is for both seal and girl...
its rare these days that you see humans interacting with animals in this kind and gentle manner, i wish i didnt have to wright these posts about such a beautiful scene, but i do care about the safety of the seals
sorry....didnt mean to spoil anything...just looking out for the seals

Alicia N.
Alicia N.5 years ago

awww soooo beautiful and calming, thanks for the video.

Vegie D.
Vegie D.5 years ago

I have never seen anything so beautiful.
Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

For the animals XXX

Harold H.
Harold H.5 years ago

To Pippa Collins. Your experience and advice is helpful BUT, occasionally something occurs in nature that is not explainable. This incident is an example of a beautiful cross species encounter that is now being shared by millions without all of the worries that you outlined. Let the beauty of it speak for itself.