How to Dry Corn Husks? Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
I’ve wanted to find out about this and you’re the only one I can find to ask about it. We’ve been eating a lot of corn lately and I hate throwing away all those husks when I know that the Native Americans and pioneers dried them and used them to weave baskets and such. Can you tell me how to do that? –Christy, MI

Dear Christy,
I’ve looked around in my books and on the Internet and every set of directions I find says to soak dried husks before using them in crafts. It seems to me that you could also use the husks green when they are naturally moist, weave your mats/make corn husk dolls, etc, and then allow the crafts to dry. Otherwise, for drying the husks I’d carefully remove all the corn silk and lay the individual husks in the sun. Remove at night so they don’t dampen with the dew. Good luck!


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What a neat idea from Christy. Not so much a "crafty" sort of person myself, but my good friend is, and she would jump on this.

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Thanks for the article.