How to Introduce Food to a Baby (video)

Is your baby about to reach 6 months of age? Are you concerned about introducing solid food to your child? Is your 7 month old rejecting everything you give her? Dr. Bob Sears shares some advice as well as a list of doís and doníts for parents giving their baby the first bite of food.

Dr. Bob Sears‘ advice includes the following:

After 6 months, start to introduce foods to your child. Make foods available and invite them to taste, follow your babyís lead; allow them to reject foods as some babies might not show much interest.

Food to Introduce First:
unsweetened applesauce
rice cereal

Food to Avoid:
cows milk
citrus fruits
egg whites
peanut products

At this important time you can start to influence your babyís taste buds: give natural whole foods and limit sugar and sweets so that they seek out healthier options as their bodies grow.

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This video was made by Parent Earth with sponsorship from Happy Baby and Stonyfield Farms. Care2 is a media partner.


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