How To Prepare A Non-GMO Thanksgiving Feast [Infographic]

For our American readers, the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here. Although eating an enormous amount of food seems to be the tradition no matter what holiday we’re celebrating, Thanksgiving certainly earns the award for most food-centric of all our seasonal soirees.

The problem is that many of the traditional Thanksgiving foods are no longer the innocent treats they once were. Almost every crop and brand has been infiltrated by genetically modified organism (GMOs). Things are more complicated because, thanks to the lobbying efforts of biotech companies like Monsanto, GMOs remain completely unlabeled in America. Buying certified organic alternatives can help reduce the chance that you’ll serve up unwanted GMOs, but it’s not always a budget-friendly option.

This handy infographic, created by the Non-GMO Project, helps spotlight traditional dishes that present a high risk for GMO contamination. Use your grocery dollars wisely by choosing organic or locally-produced alternatives for these ingredients, and save on conventional versions that present a low GMO risk.

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