How to Protect Your Child From Sex Abuse

No child should ever have to endure sexual abuse or exploitation. Learn the warning signs of sexual predator behavior, and teach your child how to stay safe and protect her or his body.

Protecting Children

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Past Member 5 months ago

Hi to everybody, here everyone is sharing such knowledge, so it’s fastidious to see this site, and I used to visit this blog daily.
Distribution of Child Porn

Donna Ferguson
Donna F.2 years ago

my mother was raped twice as a child. once as a toddler and again when she was 12.

Natasha Salgado
natasha salgado2 years ago

Evil world we live in--petition signed. Thanks

heather g.
heather g.2 years ago

What info to read (one in four suffer abuse) after listening today about American exceptionalism, ad finitum......

I have heard about these high statistics before on one of Oprah's programs.....

Cheryl Mallon-Bond

Thank you for this important article. I am sending it to everyone I know that has children. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I all too well know the long term effects of this devastating violation. Our society needs to do more to protect our children. Parents & guardians really need to listen to their guts about people. You don't need to know all the information up front!, if something seems "off", don't make the mistake of hesitating taking action. Its better to be safe than sorry!. Your child's wellbeing & safety depend on your being "present in the moment". Once its too late, the damage has been done!.

Karen G.2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Annelies Haussler
Liessi Haussler2 years ago

Looking back, I am very grateful for never having had such an experience, especially when it's pretty obvious that no one is immune.

Stanley R.
Stanley R.2 years ago

Sex predators on our children are usually trusted relatives, friends and often the father. Uncles are high up the list as are boyfriends, baby sitters and trusted neighbors.

Dimitris Dallis
Past Member 2 years ago

And I definitely signed for the Bangladeshi girls! Thank you for the chance!

Dimitris Dallis
Past Member 2 years ago

Thank you for this great article on this important issue.