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How to Win a GMO Debate: 10 Facts Why GM Food is Bad

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2. GMOs contaminate―forever.
GMOs cross pollinate and their seeds can travel. It is impossible to fully clean up our contaminated gene pool. Self-propagating GMO pollution will outlast the effects of global warming and nuclear waste. The potential impact is huge, threatening the health of future generations. GMO contamination has also caused economic losses for organic and non-GMO farmers who often struggle to keep their crops pure.

3. GMOs increase herbicide use.
Most GM crops are engineered to be “herbicide tolerant”―they defy deadly weed killer. Monsanto, for example, sells Roundup Ready crops, designed to survive applications of their Roundup herbicide.

Between 1996 and 2008, US farmers sprayed an extra 383 million pounds of herbicide on GMOs. Overuse of Roundup results in “superweeds,” resistant to the herbicide. This is causing farmers to use even more toxic herbicides every year. Not only does this create environmental harm, GM foods contain higher residues of toxic herbicides. Roundup, for example, is linked with sterility, hormone disruption, birth defects, and cancer.

4. Genetic engineering creates dangerous side effects.
By mixing genes from totally unrelated species, genetic engineering unleashes a host of unpredictable side effects. Moreover, irrespective of the type of genes that are inserted, the very process of creating a GM plant can result in massive collateral damage that produces new toxins, allergens, carcinogens, and nutritional deficiencies.

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Melissa Breyer

Melissa Breyer is a writer and editor with a background in sustainable living, specializing in food, science and design. She is the co-author of True Food (National Geographic) and has edited and written for regional and international books and periodicals, including The New York Times Magazine. Melissa lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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11:53AM PDT on Aug 5, 2015

Thank you.

1:27PM PDT on Jun 15, 2015

Adam, there is no 'repeated science' for only one reason: because Monsanto and its lobbyists block independent science and push sponsored articles as 'true' science.

3:47AM PDT on May 23, 2015

Ignore the GMO paid bad publicity fix team. Thanks for the links Violet! I urge everyone to read them! :)

8:25AM PST on Dec 11, 2014

How to win a GMO argument

Present 10 false or misleading facts as TRUE

7:56AM PST on Dec 11, 2014

I'm sorry but much of this article is exaggerated nonsense. Its just tiring in the extreme to continually see this misinformation repeated over and over, not to mention the time it tales to play "citation wars," where each side throws published paper citations that claim to refute the others' claims at each other.

So please consider this, everyone agrees that GMO products are used in about 80% of the processed foods we consume and this number has been high for years, also our animals have been eating things like GMO corn even longer. Fine. This means we have all been consuming GMO products for quite some time, So the question becomes where is all the evidence of obvious damage that should be everywhere? I don't see hospitals filling up with poisoned people, nor bodies piling up in the streets, dead farm animals everywhere, etc. So in spite of what a few odd-ball lab results seem to indicate, YEARS of consumption of these materials has not produced every day evidence of harm. How do you explain that? In the absence of such evidence the only conclusion that my sense of logic allows is that GMOs are not harmful. When the day to day evidence changes, i'll change my opinion, but not before.

12:45AM PST on Dec 10, 2014

Thank you Melissa. Food for thought which we all need to consider carefully. GMO's are not acceptable and we have to fight against Monsanto and other companies pushing for GMO'S !

12:33AM PST on Dec 10, 2014

The argument in number 7, where they say that vThe journal Nature acknowledged that a “large block of scientists . . . denigrate research by other legitimate scientists in a knee-jerk, partisan, emotional way that is not helpful in advancing knowledge.”

Is actually from this paper in Nature: and the quote is taken out of context and is actually used FOR THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT. The quote was talking about how anti-GMO scientists are quick to discount evidence that GMOs are okay. That, my friend, along with many other things people have pointed out, is a gross mistake.

10:28AM PST on Dec 6, 2014

I just spent 4 months writing a research paper about the benefits of GMOs and found this article to be rather bad. The author overlooks the fact that GMOs Decrease Insecticide use by 10 fold. Also saying that GMOs do not increase yield is false, most GM row crops have a 10-15% yield increase. BT corn one of the most widely used varieties of corn in the U.S. gets its pest resistance from the bacterium Bacillus Thuringiensis found in USDA organic insecticides. BT corn also has amazing drought tolerance. GM crops also are more widely used with low till planting methods, which reduce agricultural runoff. also there has been NO correlation between GMOs and ill health effects, those concern are just speculation. I do not think GMOs are perfect but the controversy around them is perceived hysteria. GMOs are not going anywhere, and if people think we can feed such a rapidly growing population without the help of GMOs it will blow up in their faces.

8:48AM PDT on Jul 16, 2014

11:10PM PDT on Jul 14, 2014

I didn't even bother reading the rest of the article after the first point.

IGF-1 is not a hormone, it is a peptide. The only link it has to cancer is that it has the ability to grow tumors that are already present, however there have been no studies that have recorded the enlargement of a cancerous tumor, only the growth of naturally occuring tumors in mice.

I would also like to point out that it doesn't mix well with your stomach acid and will be destroyed before it reaches you blood stream.

You cannot make the claim that GMO's are unhealthy, then say there is no studies to support a link between the data used in your argument.

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