How to Wrap a Dog for Christmas (video)

Last week, we found a video of a very patient kitty being wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. This dog owner decided to try the same thing with her pooch. What do you think he’s thinking? We think his look says it all.

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Terry V.
Terry V.3 years ago


Winn Adams
Winn Adams3 years ago

Don't try it on a cat!

Amber Beasley
Amber Beasley3 years ago

he's looking at the camera person like "don't just stand there, get this stuff off of me!" haha

Ana R
ANA MARIJA R.3 years ago

copy&paste Robert O.

Pat A.
P A.3 years ago

What an utterly gorgeous dog - I hope his family deserve him, I think so - but I could just about hear him saying 'I don't like that thing on my paw, Mummy, take it off please!'.

Nimue Pendragon

That was one patient dog! I watched the cat one. One wonders what they did after they wrapped the cat up and put it on that piece of board and carried it away!

Chris C.
Chris C.3 years ago

I'd LOVE to see a cat being wrapped! HA! Or I should say "the attempt to wrap a cat".
The most fun during the holiday is wrapping gifts with crinkly paper and ribbon, especially the curly kind, when you have cats around! Especially if you spread everything out on the floor. They have such a blast crashing around in the paper - talk about a stress reliever...just watching them play is such fun! And...have your camera ready!

Chris C.
Chris C.3 years ago

Cody is certainly patient...but that tail never stops wagging. Hope the treat was forthcoming!

Aditya n.
Aditya n.3 years ago

cute funny

DORIS L.3 years ago

I love Cody's politely wagging tail through out the procedure! Give Cody a big treat now!