How Yoga Can Transform Lives

Yoga changes lives. We see it again and again. People suffering from illness, struggling with self-esteem or weight or imbalance, looking for purpose and avenues to change the world… Every story in its distinct way reflects the transformative power of yoga. And, of course, human beings’ own capacity to change and thrive.

It is this very power we aim to capture on our new show, Urban Yogis, launching October 8 on The Chopra Well. Beautifully shot, inspiring, and heartfelt – the series delves into the lives of cancer survivors, inner-city youth dealing with violence in their communities, recovering addicts, artists, youth in detention facilities, and more. Interspersed with these stories of yoga transformation, episodes feature interviews between yoga instructor Eddie Stern and comedian Russell Brand, Grammy-nominated musician Moby, and “yogi” businessman Russell Simmons. (Didn’t know these guys were die-hard yogis? Yeah, they’re pretty cool.)

Over 20 million people in the United States have practiced yoga. Who knows how many lives have been changed by the practice – but we expect many. Yoga has been known in the West since at least the mid 19th century, practiced widely since the 1960s. That’s potentially a lot of lives changed over the years. It’s hard to pinpoint, but there is something magical that happens on that mat, in the breath and flow of movement. Something softens, something opens. A little grace emerges to offset intensity, gratitude to offset pain. It’s worth a try if you’ve never been to a yoga class. Even for the skeptics out there… You never know how an experience might change you, right?

Check out the above trailer for Urban Yogis; we hope it inspires you. The show launches on Monday October 8, and we hope you’ll be there to witness these incredible stories of transformation and share your own in the comments section below the videos!

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Swami P.
Swami P.2 years ago

Real Yoga is all about the Hindu religion, taught by Hindus and not for a fee. Divorcing any aspect of Yoga from Hinduism is dishonest and cruel and the M.O. of the arrogant invader.

sandra g.
sandra g.4 years ago

I practiced yoga when I was a teenager fore several years, and I am sure it changed my life, in many senses,unluckelly I didn't continue, but it's never late to start once again,

I read some people are afraid , at least the way we practiced noone eas never forced to do anything that couldn't, all was naturally soft.

Victoria S.
Victoria S.4 years ago

This sounds really interresting and inspiring. I've wanted to get into Yoga for a while now but never have to courage to jump in as I'm very uncoordinated but after seeing this I might really give it a try now

Jennifer C.
Past Member 4 years ago


Anna M.
Anna M.4 years ago

Like my Page and get an FREE eBook on Meditation. BLESSINGS

Be Informed, Be Aware, Be Awakened. Know the latest Yoga World News INSTANT!

Anna M.
Anna M.4 years ago

Like my Page and get an FREE eBook on Meditation. BLESSINGS

Be Informed, Be Aware, Be Awakened. Know the latest Yoga World News INSTANT!

aj E.
aj E.4 years ago


Thomas P.
Thomas P.4 years ago

We use a lot of yoga in is a great tool for both body and mind

natalie n.
natalie n.4 years ago

yes i agree yoga and Pilates are great forms of exercise especially for the muscles and overall limbs.

paul m.
paul m.4 years ago

I belive it can