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Hugging Pups on Death Row Saved At The 11th Hour

Two hours and six minutes. This was the time it took for a photograph of two dogs forlornly hugging each other on death row at an Atlanta shelter to circulate on social media and trigger action that w…


Daily Cute: Dog Won’t Fetch But Boy Loves Him Anyways

Although this dog doesn't want to fetch despite his young friend's intentions, he still gets lots of love from the little boy. Check out the video to see an adorable friendship. Check back dail…


What’s The Strangest Thing Your Dog Has Eaten?

I just read on Mashable about Tiki, a Black Labrador who ate eight pairs of underwear, 62 hair ties, four rubber bands, and a band-aid. His consumption was all over a few days, and he survived the sur…


Daily Cute: Banjo, the Three-Legged Cat

Why does Banjo have three legs? We may never know. But it doesn't seem to bother him at all, so why does it matter? Thanks for reminding us of the power of rising above adversity, Banjo. Check …


7 Things People Do That Dogs Hate

We love our dogs and consider them family. But that doesn't mean they appreciate everything humans enjoy. As responsible pet parents, it's important for us to learn their 4-legged language and communi…


Daily Cute: Grumpy Dog Makes Hilarious Sounds When Woken Up

No one likes to be woken up early on a Saturday. But some of us are just a little more vocal about it than others. Check back daily for more cute animal videos.…


Daily Cute: Puppy Attempts to Reclaim Bed From Cat

We all know trying to reclaim space from a settled cat is a useless endeavor, but this puppy hasn't learned otherwise yet. He's going to put up a good fight, but we all know who's going to win in the …


Daily Cute: A Pug’s Eye View of Dodger Stadium

It's a pug's dream come true! A day of baseball, new friends and even a little nibble of hotdog. This little pug gives us a tour of his day from an eye level that's perfectly pug-sized. div.image_s…


Daily Cute: The Cat Dentist Is In

Why spend money going to see a human dentist when a cat dentist can get right in there in the comfort of your living room? Well, it might not work out as well as you might hope, but you can try... …


Daily Cute: Two Cats, One Hammock

For fans of Maru, this shouldn't some as a surprise that Maru doesn't like to share. It's only a matter of time before he decides he wants to stretch out licking Hana to the edge of the hammock. di…


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Adorable! My kitten is not interested in mirrors.

Thanks honey! (...literally)

I was stung once while walking in a meadow by a obviously unidentified object (long grass). It was …

So sweet! Thank you.

bees love me, as a kid i could have had bee slippers.

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