Hunting Could be Banned in Israel

A bill under review in the Israeli legislature would ban hunting on all animals in the country. The only exceptions allowed would be for animals causing damage to the environment, and those that are a threat to people. The bill would also prohibit poisoning animals and selling animal furs.

There are only about 2,000 hunters with proper licenses in Israel currently, and those numbers are down from about 6,000 several years ago. If passed into law, the practice of hunting would be eliminated altogether. About 51,000 species live in Israel. There are close to 3,000 native plant species, along with 116 mammals, 511 bird species and 97 reptile species. (Source: Wikipedia) Every spring and fall 500 million birds migrate through Israel.

Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel said, “We praise the advancement of the bill, which includes banning sport hunting in Israel. Development pressures already do a lot of damage to nature and therefore there isn’t room anymore for sport hunting. There is a unique and rich biodiversity in Israel and it is our responsibility to protect it rather than damage it through unnecessary activities.” (Source:

The have been working for decades to preserve Israel’s biodiversity and natural heritage. A hunting ban could be a great relief to their wildlife, especially considering there are also a number of contaminated areas they have to contend with according to a recent government report, “As of 2008, some 1,195 contaminated sites were identified in Israel. The largest number of contaminated sites (316) was discovered in the Tel Aviv region as a result of numerous industrial plants and military and industrial workshops. Their activities were responsible for land contamination and large-scale groundwater pollution throughout the Tel Aviv metropolitan area (Gush Dan).” (Source:

Because of their hot, dry climate Israel has become adept in managing dryland agriculture. They have also restored some forested areas in order to keep them from becoming desert. So they may be moving towards restoration of their native species as well. (Photos of some Israeli mammals, and native wildlife.)

Image Credit: Eyal Bartov

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Jennifer C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Great article. Thanks.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.4 years ago


Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege4 years ago

Great news! But when it comes to birds and particularly to eagles, I agree with Miriam N. They are not killed in Israel, they are when flying above other countries. Something more should really be done to protect them effectively. If you have ideas ...

Miriam N.
Miriam N.4 years ago

...Israel has huge projects for saving eagles, but when they are set free and fly to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, they are shot down for some parts of their body that supposedly cure impotence... Comment about this, Galou L...

Miriam N.
Miriam N.4 years ago

..., please open your mind to some truths that just don't get published in the trendy media channels. This is not a political site, and I don't even vote for the parties now in power in Israel, but as a member of Care2 I have to react to "political" comments - Yes, in inverted commas - of the kind you make here, as I will not stand the lack of knowledge that comes from them and with them. Israelis are great nature lovers, many are great animal lovers and there is still a lot to be done, but whatever has been done for nature and animals in this country is because the Israelis did it. In a 3-day holiday vacation, from a total of 7 million, 1,5 million people take trips to parks and reserves, most of which are reforested places and carefully taken care of by government and NGO's. And, just by the way, Israelis don't send civilian teenagers with booby-trapped belts to explode in buses, supermarkets, pizza shops and other places crowded with civilians. America, too, killed a lot of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, not to speak of the A Bomb in Japan, the Corean and Vietnam wars. But is still considered the land of freedom. Syrian Assad has killed 4,000 of his citizens in a few months, I don't see anyone writing comments about it, nor about Khaddaffi's Libya and the citizens killed, and even Mubarak's Egypt. Israel has huge projects for saving eagles, but when they are set free and fly to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, they are shot down for some parts of their

Miriam N.
Miriam N.4 years ago

Yes, Lara K., they are, just like in Europe and USA. Even though they are sometimes hard to implement, just as in those other countries.
Galou L. it's not "the first good thing" but one of many-many good things and not the last either. And you are misinformed, as most people, about the "oppression", but I am not a History teacher and what you get these days from the media is mostly NOT the truth. So look for reliable sources. At least half of Israel's population is on behalf of a good peace with the Palestinians but it seems another coalition will have to come into power for it to become a reality. By the way, I don't think the Palestinians have laws or rules for any kind of animal protection. When they are angry they call people "dogs", they hate and fear dogs. The "massacre" in Gaza, as you call it, was a military action after 8 ( EIGHT) YEARS of daily missiles and rockets fired into civilian population towns and agricultural settlements. Mind you, this was AFTER the Israeli government pulled out the settlements and settlers - by force and with soldiers - of all the Gaza territories occupied in the 6-day War, so there is not one Israeli in the whole of the Gaza Strip since 2005. - The Hamas had a Zoo nearby a kindergarten (in Gaza of course) booby-trapped, Israeli soldiers caught it on time and dismantled it. Oh man, your short-sighted opinions are so trendy these days, but if you are a member of Care2, please open your mind to some truths that just don't get publish

KARLOLINA G.4 years ago

Good news.

dani r.
dani r.4 years ago

I really hope it passes

Vanditta Diwakar
Vanditta Diwakar4 years ago

Wow, THANK YOU Israel, you've made some good decisions for animals this past week. Bravo and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!

Debra M.
Debra G.4 years ago

Trudi G., I hope you don't forget that Israel was formed by a people who started out nomadic. Stephen G. to hate Israel is pointless. That Israel is moving forward to stop hunting is a step in the right direction. There is hopefully a peace between Israel and Palestine in the near future, that would be another. No land can so dictate the conditions of life for another and not be called to either carry the other nations so fully as to make their economic well being one that they can live, with the same aspirations and hopes that they themselves do, or cut it loose into its own state, to set its own economic agenda, allow for the pursuit of happiness, and to have ample supplies of water, power, and all that is needed to sustain itself. Israel needs consider negotiations that set real, solid and compromising boundaries that all of them can live with, as well as the Palestinians adhering to some form of peaceful doctrine. The killing has to stop soon. On both sides. Good for Israel on some forward thinking laws in its constitution regarding wildlife.