If 7 Billion People Lived Like… (Infographic)

By Michael Graham Richard, TreeHugger

Tim de Chant has created a great infographic that shows the ecological footprint that would be used if the whole world’s population (estimated at 7 billion) lived like the inhabitants of various countries. Obviously, Bangladesh and the U.S. have very different ecological footprint – something that we can very easily guess – but seeing the difference visually does give a more intuitive grasp of how big that difference is. Of course, you rapidly run out of space once you get to the richest countries and start needing more than 1 Earth, which is something we don’t have.

You can visit Tim’s website here: Per Square Mile

Thanks to Tim for giving us permission to reproduce his infographic!

Tim de Chant


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Fascinating. ty

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, model is the way to go. If I go.from usa to india

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John De Avalon3 years ago

When everything is not enough...

Man's selfishness and greed.

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Very interesting...

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Great one, shared, thanks!

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Pictures speak more loudly than words!