Imagine a Unified Field

Everything in nature is evolving to a higher level of existence. Even without trying or thinking, just by virtue of our existence itself, we are evolving to a higher level of awareness. When we are aware of this, we evolve even faster.The unified field balances everything in creation–the ecology of nature, the physiology of the human body, the evolution of a human fetus into a baby.

The unified field is not constrained by boundaries, conceptual notions, or premature cognitive commitments. The field is unbounded in space and time. It has no limits in time; it is beyond the outer edges of space.

The field is indestructible. Fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet it, wind cannot dry it, and weapons cannot cleave it. It is ancient, it is unborn, it never dies.

The unified field requires nothing from the outside because everything is contained in the inside of the field. Curving back within itself, it creates again and again.

This means all possibilities–anything that you can imagine, and more. Therefore you have the ability to acquire anything that falls within the realm of your imagination, and even those things that are currently outside the limits of your imagination. The more you acquire, the more your imagination will expand. What is unimaginable today might become imaginable tomorrow. But there will always be new realms that have yet to be explored.

Adapted from Creating Affluence, by Deepak Chopra (New World Library, 1993).


Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton3 years ago


Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

Unified field theory must mean that within all that is, everything effects everything else. It means that my drop of joy or compassion has unimaginable effect on the whole, as of course the opposite, unthinking cruelty and pain. I can safely rest in my faith that unbeknownst to me in the infinite ocean of being a currant arises to bless me from unknowable sources and that I will always be most affected by whatever is vibrating at the same rate where my attention is fixed. Standing apart and observing the difference between the boundaries of my observing self and all experience, the always difference between me and what I observe, all that changes and is transient is not me, lets me choose the vibration for focus and choose again, releasing me from turmoil brought on by miss identification;allowing me to receive blessings from the inconceivable. Then as Naga has just written: " Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself".

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

Humans aren't the same but at different levels of evolution, acting according to the age of their soul's involvement in this linear reality.Thinking our whole species is one thing or another according to one part of it is mistaken. Imagine what an infant or a baby or a toddler would be like with adult bodies and power. Consider the difference in the world view of an adolescent, a mature individual, an ancient. What is natural and appropriate in one becomes impossible or monstrous in an other. Adolescent angst is normal at that age, we wouldn't expect the adolescent to act and think like one mature and experienced or even more experienced and trusting in the observance of a whole life experience. An ancient knows that if you don't like the weather just wait a little while and it will change. The mature adult thinks ahead and plans for contingencies, the young adult is caught in the passion and stress of not knowing. Babies need their whole focus on their personal needs, nothing else exists for them, as adults they would be sociopaths. This world has everything in it and is comprised at any moment of souls of all ages reflecting their appropriate soul age level of awareness, clustering with those of the same age so they think everyone is the same as them. There is no general human way of being for the whole species except that it is the same way as we normally behave at each stage in a single lifetime. It's folly to expect behavior or understanding out of context of soul age.

Mary B.
Mary B.4 years ago

Gaby D, there is a wonderful magazine called ODE that states that it is for 'Intelligent optimists'. It is wonderful. It finds news from all over the world that show the bubbling up of people oriented ideas, business,health care, mainstream and alternative and government and corporate inititives. Check it out.They will send you free news letters.

myra d.
myra d.4 years ago

As usual. Great article. Great comments. Lots of food for thought.

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Gaby D.
Gaby D.4 years ago

Fortunately, today there is the Internet....this is where we can find a lot of the GOOD NEWS...such as the Care2 website right here! More and more people are tuning out from 'regular media' as it is so depressing to see only the deepest despair, violence and misery, not to mention abuse of power etc etc.....and turn to places such as Care2, and there are many many many more.....and here is where we find inspiration, hope and the willpower to continue on the path that we feel, deep down inside is the path we should be walking, the path towards unity, harmony, happiness, love! Not because someone tells us we should...just because deep down inside that is how we feel!
Becky ...I'm sure that the Good News will gather momentum......keep the faith! I know it may seem futile in the face of all the havoc and madness...... yet, I sincerely believe that every little bit of positive action is worth it's weight in gold!
And it will tip the scales in the right direction, I'm sure it will!
Hang in there with us Becky! Namaste!

Gaby D.
Gaby D.4 years ago

Thank you Deepak! Imagine......we all remember that incredibly inspirational song by John Lennon....Imagine all the You are probably singing or humming it now. Yesterday was Global Oneness Day, and though not many people have read about that on the first page of their newspaper, or on the morning newscast, it was celebrated by many people. To Becky Y., your comment really got to I know that your sadness is real....and deep know what Becky, there is an answer!
And it too is happening every day......the good news.....the news that you do not read about, or hear about on your televisionset or radio.....we are bombarded daily with the senseless killing, the senseless devastation of our planet, extinction of species and plants and human beings....and it makes us feel completely powerless, in the face of all that we feel so tiny and alone, sad and disheartened.
I've long been thinking....there should be a "GOOD NEWSPAPER" a global one....if at all possible.....there is so much 'good' being so many......countless people that make a little big ways.....and THAT is the answer. Rose colored glasses you say? Hmm...perhaps!....Yet, I truly believe that the good will one day....outweigh the 'bad'. All we can do is keep chosing the high road, try to bring happiness to others, try to help where and how we can.......just keep up the 'good work'. Fortunately, today there is the Internet....this is whe

Melinda K.
Past Member 4 years ago

good food for thought!

Becky Y.
Rebecca Y.4 years ago

Those who are wearing rose colored glasses may be evolving into something greater but I am sorry to say humanity isn't. I have just written a piece about the body of Gadhafy being exhibited in a freezer and I wonder what in the world we have become? I will include that piece here too, why not!:

There is something in me that cries at the inhumanity of man towards mankind, no matter if they are horrible or not. How can we rid the world of Injustice? Starvation? Genocide? Murder? and the reasons that cause these things? I often wonder if when we find the answer will it be too late? Will man end up justifying killing one another to the end? Senseless killings have probably robbed humanity of those who might have saved us from the cure of illnesses and diseases. We will never know what could have been because we refuse to give peace a end hunger and homelessness all over the globe; to act as if we really care about each other. Who will save us from ourselves? I don't know, I don't know and I cry because there seems to be no answer.